Must be able to access the TokHaar Fight Kiln to obtain and use.
Where Found:
Spawns in the centre of the TokHaar Fight Kiln arena after completing waves 7, 19 and 31.
Item Uses:
Using this crystal boosts your Ranged level by 150% while reducing your Defence, Magic and Strength levels by 50% for 3.5 minutes TokHaar Fight Kiln.
Ranged is highly ineffective in the Fight Kiln and it is recommended to use Magic to complete it, so this crystal is of little use.

This crystal disappears from your inventory upon leaving the kiln.
0 kg
Examine Information:
This crystal will increase your Ranged ability, but decreases Defence, Strength and Magic. Lasts for 3.5 minutes.

This Data was submitted by: Javezz.

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