89 Mining and Plague's End to obtain (Exp: 296.7); 89 Smithing to use (Exp: 150).
Where Found:
Obtained while mining Seren stones or ore/gem rocks in the Trahaearn Sector of Prifddinas. There is also a chance of obtaining this ore by opening the Crystal chest in the Iorwerth sector.
Item Uses:
Smelted in a furnace for Smithing experience.
A maximum of 1500 of this ore can be smelted per hour for 225,000 experience and a maximum of 60 is smelted per click before you must use it on the furnace again.

Mining 100 of this ore will unlock the title 'of the Trahaearn' and using it on the crystal remnants of Seren in the Tower of Voices will unlock the title 'the Corrupted'.

If the Voice of Seren is illuminating the Trahaearn Sector, you will receive bonus experience when Mining and Smithing this ore. There will also be a chance of obtaining the ore from the Coal-Runite rocks.
0 kg
Examine Information:
This needs destroying.

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