No Requirements.
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes); Purchased from various farm shops; Monster Drop.
Item Uses:
Used on farming patches to reduce the chance of the crops becoming diseased; Used on allotment and herb patches to receive 1 more harvests than normal, more are possible depending on your level and if any boosts used (Greenfingers aura, Juju farming potion, Magic secateurs, Master farmer outfit, etc); Used to make Compost mound pouch; Converted into Supercompost.
This item is made by adding 15 organic items to a Compost bin and shutting the lid. Once it is closed, you will need to wait 30-50 minutes for the items to decompose into compost. Once the compost is ready, you can collect 15 from the bin with empty Buckets in your inventory.

It can also be made by using a Generate compost scroll on a Compost mound familiar when near a compost bin.

Compost bins are found at the following Farming locations:

You can turn this into Supercompost by using a dose of Compost potion to it. This can be done on an individual bucket or the entire bin, however, it is more efficient to add to the bin.

Farmers who sell compost include:
Alice, North West of Port Phasmatys Head Farmer Jones, North of the Taverley lodestone Leprechaun Larry, on top of the Troll Stronghold Richard, North of the Manor Farm
Sarah, South of Falador Vanessa, North of Catherby
3 kg
Examine Information:
Good for plants, helps them grow. Used in Farming (1).
Dropped By:

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