Combat Effects:
Damage Accuracy
0 0

Strength Magic Ranged Necromancy
43.0 43.0 43.0 Unknown

Attributes Armour Life Bonus Prayer Bonus
65 300 6

Styles Class Attack Style Attack Speed
All N/A N/A
See Notes section for tasks that must be completed to obtain and wear.
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Worn for protection; and can provide the perks for up to three different skill capes (See Notes).
This cape is a gold-trimmed version of Completionist cape. It also comes with a Completionist hood (t) and an improved emote. In order to upgrade from the normal completionist cape to the trimmed version, you will need to speak with the Museum guard on the top floor of the Varrock Museum while wearing your Completionist cape.

It possesses the same bonuses as the Completionist cape, but shows that the wearer has truly completed everything in RuneScape. These bonuses include: the arrow collecting ability of Ava's Alerter, the Ardougne cloak 4's ability to teleport the player to the East Ardougne monastery and farming patch, as well as the enhanced thieving abilities. It also is acts as a TokHaar-Kal for fighting Ice Strykewyrms. Like the Max cape and the Completionist cape, the colors of this cape can be customized by using the menu opened by right-clicking the cape.

The tasks for obtaining the Trimmed completionist cape include:
Task Name Description
Advanced Sweeping Fully enchant your broomstick after the Swept Away.
Agile from Head to Toe Claim the agile top and agile legs from their respective advanced agility courses as rewards for completing 250 laps.
All Rise Complete all Court Cases.
Arc - All Your Energies Unlock the Energy-gathering scrimshaw scroll from Waiko ports reward shop.
Arc - Bone To Pick With You Unlock the bonecrusher upgrade from Waiko reward shop.
Arc - Don't Crush my Memories Unlock the Memory-crushing scrimshaw scroll from the Waiko reward shop.
Arc - Mitts and Waders - Death Lotus Unlock the Death Lotus boots and gloves scrolls from the Waiko reward shop.
Arc - Mitts and Waders - Seasinger Unlock the Seasinger boots and gloves scrolls from the Waiko reward shop.
Arc - Mitts and Waders - Tetsu Unlock the Tetsu boots and gloves scrolls from the Waiko reward shop.
Around the World in Six Ways Unlock all hot-air balloon travel routes.
Banking History Find all hidden treasure from Making History.
Barbarian Scavenger Find all 26 Ancient pages in the Ancient Cavern.
Champions, What Champions? Defeat all Champions.
Chompy Massacre Obtain 4,000 Chompy kills.
Class Crown Earn tier 10 Reputation with the Imperial faction.
Complete Trekky Fully level up all Temple Trekking companions.
Completionist Cape Complete all tasks necessary to be able to obtain the Completionist cape.
Conquest Adore Achieve 1,250+ Conquest rank.
Count All Light Fingers Fully upgrade the Thieves' Guild.
Death Effect Unlock all permanent effects from Death's store.
Eastern Adventurer Complete Hyu-Ji, Quin, Eastern Curiosities, and Guardians of the World storylines from your Player-Owned Port.
Eastern Explorer Explore the Eastern Lands as far as the Shield from your Player-Owned Port.
Eeeeagle! Unlock all Eagle transport routes.
Ferocious Upgrade Unlock the upgrade to the Ferocious ring so it can be used in Morvran's arena.
Finish Him! Deal the killing blow to Vorago with the Maul of Omens.
Hard as Daemons Earn the right to wear the title 'of Daemonheim' by completing floors 1-60 in Hard Mode.
How Many Games? Speak to Lanthus while wearing a full set of Profound decorative armour.
Ice Ice Chimpy Complete 25 Chimp ice deliveries after Do N Evil.
Impressing Char Make a Zaros symbol in Char's training cave.
Ivan is Flailing Unlock the full power of the Ivandis flail.
Jack of the Circus Obtain all circus clothing.
Kal'gerion Commander Unlock all 5 five the Kal'gerion battle commendation titles.
Lock, Stock and Barrel Earn tier 10 Reputation with the Merchant faction.
Maria, You Gotta See Her Complete all three additional challenges from Maria after completing Broken Home.
Master Angler Acquire a champion's tackle box from Fish Flingers.
Master of Assault Achieve maximum rank in each Barbarian Assault role.
Master Otto Complete all Barbarian Training with Otto.
Mazcab Teleport Unlock the Mazcab Teleport Spell.
Memorialised More Than Once Unlock the ability to have four perks active at once by prestiging the Memorial of Guthix three times.
Milk of Chocolate, Snape of Grass Sober up Skippy by using a Bucket of water, Nettle tea, and a Hangover cure on him.
Mobilise This Unlock maximum access to Mobilising Armies rewards.
Nomad's Genesis Tales of Nomad
Nomad's Mirage Defeat the Memory of Nomad and loot one of his bounty chests at least once.
On a Rune High Unlock the highest rune shop from Ali Morrisane.
Penance to the King Kill the Penance King in Barbarian Assault.
Perky like a Prawn Gain all Prawn Perk points in your Aquarium.
Post Fume Defeat all Smoking Kills sub-bosses.
Quiet but Deadly Lore Obtain all the dragonkin journals by killing the Queen Black Dragon.
Rank: Master Finix Attain the highest Esteem rank possible (rank 1) from training in the Runespan.
Scabigail Complete the Scabarite research.
Scribbling in the Depths Obtain Song from the Depths hidden rewards.
Scrolling with Power Unlock the Dungeoneering scroll traits:
Seagullible Earn tier 10 Reputation with the Ports faction.
Shadows Below Survive the shadow beneath the Barrows.
Sheep Shearer Complete Sheep Shearer.
Slime and Snails and God Wars Tales Complete Tales of the God Wars.
Special Slayer Delivery Unlock the ability to craft all Slayer items.
Stone's Throw Away Complete the Dahmaroc statue in your player-owned house.
Telos If You're Angry Defeat Telos at 100% enrage.
To Be a Master Fully complete the Slayer codex.
To The Bone Earn tier 10 Reputation with the Worker faction.
White Knight Rises Obtain Master White Knight rank.
Who Will Be Her Lover? Complete the Statue of Rhiannon in Prifddinas 32 times to build the replica statue in the Max Guild.
Witch's Potion Complete Witch's Potion.
Work On Your Artisan Unlock all rewards from the Artisan's Workshop.
You're Not My Real Mah Find all 10 Elder chronicles after Fate of the Gods.

Along with the Max cape and Completionist cape, this cape can be fed any of the normal Skillcapes in order to obtain their perks. Note that you can only have up to 3 perks on the cape at one time (removing a perk will not return the cape) and they are shared amongst the capes. Meaning that if you use the Cooking cape on this cape, the Max cape will also obtain this perk if you have one.
The available cape perks include:
Cape Perk
Agility cape Gives a chance of double tickets from the Brimhaven Agility Arena. Stacks with the Karamja task set reward.
Attack cape Gives a chance for degradable items not to degrade.
Constitution cape Doubles life points regained over time.
Construction cape Reduces the cost of creating planks.
Cooking cape Prevents food from being burned.
Crafting cape Thread is no longer needed when crafting.
Defence cape Acts as a sign of life. Same cooldown.
Divination cape Gives a chance of saving Divination materials.
Dungeoneering cape Teleport to any available resource dungeon.
Farming cape Gives a chance of instantly harvesting a patch.
Firemaking cape Active to light a fire on the spot you're standing on.
Fishing cape Gives a chance to get a double catch.
Fletching cape Gives a chance of automatically stringing a bow when Fletching unstrung bows.
Herblore cape Activate to clean all herbs in your inventory for no XP.
Hunter cape Activate to give your Herblore Habitat vine plant the effects of its hunter potion.
Invention cape Slows the drain of invention charge.
Magic cape Activate to swap spellbooks at banks.
Mining cape Gives an invisible +2 skill bonus.
Prayer cape Imparts the same benefits as lit burners in a player-owned house.
Ranged cape Acts as Ava's devices(Ava's accumulator, Ava's alerter, Ava's attractor).
Runecrafting cape Activate to reveal the required rune for the Rune Goldberg Machine.
Slayer cape Activate to teleport to any Slayer master in the game that you can access.
Smithing cape Gives the same effect as the goldsmithing gauntlets.
Strength cape Dismember lasts an additional 2 seconds.
Summoning cape Gives a chance to save charms when infusing pouches.
Thieving cape Lowers your stunned time when caught from 4.2 seconds to 3.
Woodcutting cape Provides an increased chance at finding bird's nests and crystal geodes.
Quest point cape Adds 30 seconds onto your Tears of Guthix time.
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