30 Agility to obtain; 1 Crafting to use.
Where Found:
Randomly found while traveling along the Anachronia Agility course; Searching the lectern South East of the lodestone will award 25 pages once.
Item Uses:
Combined to create 1 of 4 Codices.
Codex Pages to Make Tradeable?
Double Escape codex 500 No
Double Escape codex (tradeable) 750 Yes
Double Surge codex 500 No
Double Surge codex (tradeable) 750 Yes
Pages must be assembled on the lectern South East of the Lodestone in the Anachronia Base Camp. Attempting to combine them else where will prompt you to search the Base Camp for something that could help.

Use of a Tier 3 (or better) Luck item will increase your chances of obtaining pages from the Agility course.


This item cannot be disassembled.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A rare page, torn from an ancient codex.

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