No requirements.
Where Found:
Received when opening a Sealed clue scroll: Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, Master.
Item Uses:
Leads to another clue or a Treasure Trails reward.
Clue scrolls are used in Treasure Trails hunts. There are 5 different levels (easy, medium, hard, elite, and master) and the level will be designated when looking at the clues name.

There are many different things a clue may ask you to do to complete it. The Treasure Trails guide is the best source for information on clues.

If you have a clue you are unable to complete you can talk to Zaida in the Treasure Trail hub south of the Varrock Grand Exchange and she will replace it with a lower level clue.

A clue is completed when the reward casket is granted not when the reward casket is opened. In the same way Treasure Trail points are awarded when the reward casket is granted not when opened. Reward caskets stack in a players inventory or bank based on level and can be opened at any point in any quantity desired. Upon completing a clue you will receive a message regarding the points earned, total points, and total clue completed for that tier of clue.

The Reward caskets provide the rewards for completing clues. There are five levels of reward caskets that correspond with the five levels of clues: (easy), (medium), (hard), (elite), or (master).
0 kg
Examine Information:
A clue!
A set of instructions to be followed.
Or, for a coordinates clue:
Perhaps someone at the observatory can teach me to navigate?
Or, for a map clue:
A part of the world map, but where?
Or, for a scan clue:
It points to great treasure!
Dropped By:
Aberrant spectreAberrant spectre (level 78)AbominationAbyssal demonAbyssal guardianAbyssal leechAbyssal walkerAfflicted (Level 60)Afflicted (Level 61)Afflicted (Level 63)Afflicted (Level 64)Al-Kharid warriorAnkou (elite)Ankou (level 60)Ankou (level 61)Ankou (level 63)AquaniteAutomaton GeneratorAutomaton GuardianAutomaton TracerAviansie (level 89)Aviansie (level 92)Aviansie (level 95)BansheeBarbarian (level 10)Barbarian (woman) (level 10)Barbarian (woman) (level 28)BasiliskBlack dragonBlack guardBlack guard (level 60)Blissful shadowBlood nihil Blue dragonBorisBorkBorrokarBreeBronze dragonBrutal green dragonCadarn magusCadarn rangerCatableponCatablepon (level 54)Cave bug (level 12)Cave goblinCave slimeCelestial dragonChaos druidCockatriceCockroach droneCockroach soldierCockroach workerCorporeal BeastCorrupted kalphite guardianCorrupted kalphite marauderCorrupted lizardCorrupted scarabCorrupted scorpionCorrupted workerCrocodile akhCuffsCyclops (level 57)Cyclops (level 68)Dagannoth (baby)Dagannoth (level 112)Dagannoth (level 77)Dagannoth (level 78)Dagannoth (level 79)Dagannoth guardianDagannoth PrimeDagannoth RexDagannoth SupremeDesert strykewyrmDonny the LadDried zombie (level 67)Drunken manEdimmuEduardElf warrior (level 84)Elf warrior (level 89)Elite Black KnightElite Dark MageElite Lumbridge Guard (level 3)Elite rune dragonExiled kalphite guardianExiled kalphite marauderExperiment No.2FarmerFeline akhFlight KilisaFlockleader GeerinFreidirFreygerdFrost dragonGargoyleGeneral GraardorGeorgyGiant ant soldierGiant Rock CrabGiant Sea SnakeGiant skeleton (level 120)Giant skeleton (level 80)Giant wasp (84)GlacorGnoealGoblin (level 2)Goblin (level 5)GorakGorak (level 95)Gorilla akhGreater demonGreen DragonGrotwormGrowlerGuard (Ardougne)Guard (Burthorpe)Guard (Falador Archer)Guard (Falador)Guard (Varrock)H.A.M. Guard (level 20)H.A.M. Guard (level 30)H.A.M. Guard (level 32)Haakon the ChampionHarpie Bug SwarmHellhoundHellhound (level 95)Ice giantIce nihilIce strykewyrmIce warriorIcefiendImperial mage akhImperial ranger akhImperial warrior akhImreIorwerth guardIorwerth scoutIrinaIron dragonJeffJellyJogreJosephJungle strykewyrmK'ril TsutsarothKal'gerion demonKalphite KingKalphite QueenKnight of SaradominKree'arraKuraskLanzigLava strykewyrmLesser DemonLevMan (level 2)Man (level 4)Manifest shadowMarket Guard (Rellekka)Mature grotwormMighty bansheeMillaMinotaurMinotaur (level 52)Mithril dragonMolaniskMourner (level 85)MuggerMummyMutated jadinko babyMutated jadinko guardMutated jadinko maleNarfNechryaelNexNikitaNikolaiPaladinPendaPyrefiendPyrefiend (level 67)Red dragonRevenant hellhoundRock crabRock lobsterRogueRune dragonRustySalawa akhSaradomin priestScabaras lancerSea snake hatchlingSea Snake YoungSergeant GrimspikeSergeant SteelwillSergeant StrongstackShadow nihilShady stranger (level 30)Shady stranger (level 56)Skeletal horrorSkeletal WyvernSkeleton (level 58)Skeleton thugSkeleton warlordSmall scarabSmoke nihilSofiyaSpiritual mage (Armadyl)Spiritual mage (Bandos)Spiritual mage (Saradomin)Spiritual mage (Zamorak)Spiritual ranger (Armadyl)Spiritual ranger (Bandos)Spiritual ranger (Saradomin)Spiritual ranger (Zamorak)Spiritual warrior (Armadyl)Spiritual warrior (Bandos)Spiritual warrior (Saradomin)Spiritual warrior (Zamorak)StarlightSteel DragonSuqah (level 73)Suqah (level 74)Suqah (level 79)SvetlanaTerror dog (level 61)Terror dog (level 65)ThiefThugTormented demonTrade floor guardTribesman (level 60)Tribesman (level 63)Truthful shadowTuroth (level 64)Turoth (level 66)Turoth (level 68)Turoth (level 69)Turoth (level 71)Undead Troll (level 81)Undead Troll (level 95)VampyreVampyre (level 88)VeraWallasalkiWarrior (Rellekka)WaterfiendWaterfiend (Ghorrock)WerewolfWerewolf (level 89)Wingman SkreeWoman (level 2)Woman (level 4)YadvigaYetiYoung grotwormYuriZoja

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