Retain After Quest?
No Requirements.
Where Found:
Given to you by Larry in Rellekka.
Item Uses:
Used for the Cold War quest.
This book tells you how to make clockwork toys and a Clockwork suit. And when in your bookcase is called Clockwork Toys - Chapter 1.0.

If lost or destroyed, a new copy can be obtained from Larry, Chuck (after Hunt for Red Raktuber), or the bookcase in your Player-Owned House made through Construction.

Below is the text you can read from within the book.
Making a clockwork toy is a very simple and good place to start for new crafters. Simply create a clockwork mechanism on your Crafting table, then use it and a wood plank to make a toy soldier or doll. Wind them up and watch them go!

It would be simple to alter the design by adding a piece of silk to the wooden frame and clockwork mechanism. You could make a suit that could be controlled from the inside.
1 kg
Examine Information:
A book about clockwork mechanisms.

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