77 Herblore to clean (Exp: 13.5) and use (Exp: 1).
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Added to Vial of water to create Arbuck potion (unf); Used to make potion(s) (See Notes).
Made by cleaning a Grimy arbuck.

The following potions can be created with this herb:
Level Potion Experience Potion Effect
90 Extended super antifire 175 Provides full protection from dragon breath for 12 minutes.
95 Harvest potion (3) 300 Consumed before harvesting crops from fully grown allotment patches to harvest "mega" versions of the crop for 6 minutes.
97 Aggroverload* 325 Causes monsters around you to become aggressive and boosts your Combat stats for 5 minutes
115 Adrenaline renewal potion 1,700 Increases Adrenaline by 4% per tick for 6 seconds, a total of 40%.
* Must purchase recipe for 1,000,000 coins from Lady Meilyr or the Harmony pillar farmers.
Quantity Required Materials Received Base Junk Chance
1 1 Junk 3.4%
Invention Experience
Possible Materials
Organic parts Organic parts 89%
Crafted parts Crafted parts 8%
Enhancing components Enhancing components 1%
Healthy components Healthy components 1%
Living components Living components 1%
0.007 kg
Examine Information:
A fresh herb.

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