50 Cooking to make.
Where Found:
Player made.
Item Uses:
Used as food, it has 3 bites. Every bite heals 333 Life points, 999 Life points in total.
Made by using Chocolate dust with a Cake. Earns 30 Cooking exp.
0.3 kg
Examine Information:
This looks very tasty.
Dropped By:
Abyssal demon (GWD 2) Ancient mage (GWD 2) Ancient ranger (GWD 2) Ancient warrior (GWD 2)
Animated black armour Animated bronze armour Animated iron armour Animated rune armour
Animated steel armour Asyn shade Automaton Automaton champion
Black dragon Black Knight (GWD 2) Black Knight champion Blood reaver (GWD 2)
Bloodveld (GWD 2) Bloodveld (level 61) Bloodveld (level 68) Bloodveld (level 92)
Bruise blamish snail Butcher demon Celestial dragon Champion of Infernus
Chaos dwarf (GWD 2) Cyclops (level 57) Cyclops (level 68) Dragonstone dragon
Fallen champion (magic) Fallen champion (melee) Fallen champion (ranged) Fiyr shade (Temple Trekking)
Foraging bakami Gargoyle Ghast Ghast (level 28)
Ghast (level 63) Ghast (level 91) Ghoul Giant snail (level 114)
Giant snail (level 146) Giant snail (level 84) Hellhound (GWD 2) Kamil
Loar shade Mighty blood reaver Mutated bloodveld (level 91) Mutated bloodveld (level 95)
Nail beast (level 42) Nail beast (level 84) Nail beast (level 98) Nechryael
Nechryael (GWD 2) Necromancer (GWD 2) Ochre blamish snail (level 14) Phrin shade
Red dragon Riyl shade Seren archer Seren mage
Seren warrior Shadow demon Skeleton (GWD 2) Swamp snake (level 42)
Swamp snake (level 84) Swamp snake (level 98) Telos, the Warden Wight (GWD 2)
Wight ranger (GWD 2) Wolf (GWD 2) Zamorakian Sniper

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