No Requirements.
Where Found:
Found at various Big Net fishing spots.
Dropped by rock crabs.
Dropped by some Daggonoths.
Item Uses:
When opened, reveals a random treasure.
Caskets are obtained from using the Big Net on fishing holes. Wearing a skills necklace will also increase your chances of obtaining a casket while Big Net fishing. After catching a casket, you can open it to receive various rewards, such as coins, half keys, and gems.

You can also receive Court summons, granted you have completed King's Ransom and the first Court Case.
5 kg
Examine Information:
I hope there's treasure in it.
Dropped By:
Bloodveld (level 92) Bree Commander Zilyana Dagannoth (baby)
Dagannoth (level 112) Dagannoth (level 77) Dagannoth (level 78) Dagannoth (level 79)
Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme Giant Rock Crab
Gorak (level 95) Growler Imp K'ril Tsutsaroth
Revenant dragon River Troll Rock crab Saradomin priest
Sea snake hatchling Sea Snake Young Spiritual mage (Saradomin) Spiritual mage (Zamorak)
Spiritual ranger (Saradomin) Spiritual ranger (Zamorak) Spiritual warrior (Saradomin) Spiritual warrior (Zamorak)
Starlight TokHaar-Hur TokHaar-Ket TokHaar-Ket-Champion
TokHaar-Mej TokHaar-Xil TzHaar-Ket TzHaar-Mej
TzHaar-Xil Waterfiend Waterfiend (Ghorrock)

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