Completed Dwarf Cannon to use.
Where Found:
Bought from Nulodion, on Ice Mountain.
Item Uses:
Used in setting up a multi-cannon.
Can only be purchased after completing Dwarf Cannon quest. Nulodion's bargain price for a complete cannon (all 4 pieces) is 750k. Deterioriated cannon pieces are replaced by Nulodion for free regardless of purchase source (store or player).
10 kg
Examine Information:
The cannon is built on this.
Dropped By:
Chicken Dagannoth (level 77) Dagannoth (level 78) Dagannoth Prime
Dagannoth Rex Mosquito swarm (level 92) Possessed pickaxe (level 49) Rat
Spider Troll brute Troll commando Troll ranger commando
Troll shaman White wolf (level 5)

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