7 Farming to grow (Planting Exp: 10; Harvesting Exp: 11.5); 2 Thieving to steal (Exp: 10).
Where Found:
Player grown (See Notes Section); Picked from various respawn locations (See Notes Section); Bought from: Wydin in Port Sarim, Hudo in Tree Gnome Stronghold, Osvald and the Greengrocer on Miscellania; Stolen from Vegetable stalls in: Catherby, Miscellania/Etceteria, and Taverley.
Item Uses:
Eaten to restore 200 lifepoints; Used to make a Garden pie; Fed to growing animals in your Player-owned-farm; Sold to the fairy Lunderwin in Zanaris (Lost City) for 100 Coins each; Payment for a farmer to look after your tomatoes (in the form of two cabbages (10)).
Cabbages can be grown in Farming allotment patches with 3 Cabbage seeds per patch. You can grow a Rosemary in the flower patch to protect growing cabbages from diseases.

Additionally cabbages can be obtained from the following respawn locations:

For members: if one wants to pick cabbages from one of these locations, it is recommended to bring 18 Empty sacks (and have 10 free inventory slots) for efficiency. Pick 10 cabbages, then click on an empty sack to obtain cabbages (10). Repeat this process untill all the sacks (and your inventory) are full. The cabbage fields South of Falador or North of Lumbridge provide enough respawns to pick cabbages without having to wait. With this method you can obtain 190 cabbages per run, or even more with a Beast of Burden.

The Tool leprechaun just North of the Falador cabbage field location does not allow you to note cabbages, he claims the whole farm stinks of them and that you should exchange them somewhere else.

If one wants to kill monsters to obtain cabbages instead, Tortoise can be a nice profitable target (assuming you have the appropriate combat level). They can drop between 16 and 101 noted cabbages at a time (roughly 1 in 15 kills), as well as pricely items like Tortoise shells. Having a self healing ability (such as Guthan's set effect or that of the Saradomin Godsword) along with Magic notepaper will allow you to stay for an extended period of time and retain valuable items.
0.45 kg
Examine Information:
Yuck, I don't like cabbage.
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