Retain After Quest?
Must have started Royal Trouble.
Where Found:
Obtained by collecting 5 pages from the fire remains in the Miscellania Dungeon.
Item Uses:
Read to learn of the trouble being caused by Armod and his friends.
Required to pass through the second crevice in the dungeon.

If lost or destroyed, a new copy can be obtained from the bookcase in your Player-Owned House made through Construction.

When in your bookcase, this text is called Armod's Burnt Diary.

Below is the text you can read from within the book.
Property of Armod Brundtson

Read at your peril!

If you steal this book, my dad will beat you up!

Year 3 of trials, day 20
We’re doing really badly at the trials. Beigarth broke his lyre for the fifth time, Hild got lost in the maze again, and Reinn and Signy were both sick all over Manni. When are we going to finish these trials and become adults? My father keeps telling me to improve, saying that I should try harder to become a proper Fremennik adult.

Year 4 of trials, day 144
The trials aren’t going well. I broke my arm while fighting a cow, and Beigarth almost fell into the furnace. Luckily, my father saved him and Signy from spilling molten iron all over the adults. Askeladden’s already become an adult and keeps making fun of us. He really annoys me.

Year 5 of trials, day 78
It’s not fair! Father said that me and my friends may never pass our trials. They don’t want us helping other people with their trials, either. And now he says we have to leave Rellekka! How can they exile us?

Year 5 of trials, day 89
Signy said she heard about two island kingdoms that had been at war for hundreds of years. If we go there and make peace, will my father finally agree that we’re true Fremennik adults?

Year 5 of trials, day 93
Life’s not fair! We got to the island kingdoms and they said that an adventurer had recently made peace, by promising to marry the daughter/son of the king! Why does this always happen to us? If we’d just been a little earlier, I could have married the king’s daughter.

Year 5 of trials, day 95
Beigarth says that just because they’re at peace now doesn’t mean they always will be. He says he has a plan.

Year 5 of trials, day 95
Beigarth’s plan is great! Now all we have to do is find the right armour, and a place in one of the caves. Father’s going to be so impressed with me…

Year 5 of trials, day 98
The plan’s worked! The kingdoms are at war again, and no-one knows we were those soldiers. All we need to do is make peace, and the council at home will be so impressed that they’ll make us adults right away!

Year 5 of trials, day 99
Why did it go so wrong? We were just about to get the goods back, but there are MONSTERS in there! I’m not going anywhere near that giant snake, and I think the others agree with me.

We’re cold and hungry and can’t go back to the town, because we got drunk in the inn and then couldn’t pay. It’s so bad that we’ve had to burn bits of my diary to keep warm. Someone, please help us…
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Examine Information:
A diary with one page.
A diary with two pages.
A diary with three pages.
A diary with four pages.
A diary with five pages.

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