Retain After Quest?
Partial completion of Legends' Quest.
Where Found:
Received from a Jungle Forester, next to the entrances to the Kharazi Jungle, in exchange for allowing them to copy your completed Radimus notes.
Item Uses:
Used to summon the local tribesman, Gujuo.
Summoning the Gujuo, you can ask them to turn a Gold bowl into Blessed gold bowl so it can be used to make Holy water to fight demons.

After completion of the associated quest, if you have unlocked the entire Hub track, this item can be retrieved from the Quest Item Storage chest at the Quest Point Caravan if lost or destroyed. Otherwise, a new one can be obtained from a Jungle Forester in exchange for a Cooked oomlie wrap.

This item is often kept for fun or to create more Holy water if a Blessed gold bowl has been lost or misplaced.
0 kg
Examine Information:
It makes a loud but interesting sound when swung in the air.

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