Combat Effects:
Damage Accuracy
0 0

Strength Magic Ranged Necromancy
0.0 0.0 0.0 Unknown

Attributes Armour Life Bonus Prayer Bonus
0 0 0

Styles Class Attack Style Attack Speed
No Requirements.
Where Found:
They can be purchased at Thessalia's Fine Clothes in Varrock. It can also be received from Malignius Mortifer, who is located north-east of Rimmington after the Swan Song quest, or be withdrawn from a tool store 3 in a player-owned house.
Item Uses:
Allows you to enter the Crafting Guild.
Its main purpose is to be worn when entering the Crafting Guild, because the Master Crafter demands that you have one on before entering. That may mean that the brown apron signifies Crafting, whereas the white apron signifies Cooking.

It has no combat bonuses and serves no other use other than entering the Crafting Guild and for some Treasure Trail emote clues.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A mostly clean apron.

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