Retain After Quest?
No Requirements.
Where Found:
Search the broken weathervane on the rooftop of Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight's house, south of the bar in Seers' Village.
Item Uses:
Used for the One Small Favour quest.
This piece must be fixed at an anvil with a href="/database.php?type=item&id=985">Steel bar to obtain a Weathervane pillar. If lost, this part along with the Broken vane part (ornament) and the Broken vane part (directionals) can be retrieved from Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight's for a small fee. One lost piece can be retrieved for 330 Coins, 2 for 665 Coins, and 3 pieces for 1K Coins.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A broken Weathervane pillar.

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