8 Crafting to make.
Where Found:
Between the fountain south of the Ranging Guild, the allotment northeast of Ardougne (East), and the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle. Player made (See Notes Section); bought in various General Stores.
Item Uses:
Used to contain various liquids.
This item can be made by using Soft clay on a Potter's Wheel (Barbarian Village, Crafting Guild, Digsite, Rellekka, and Ardougne (West)) and then firing it in a Pottery Oven.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Useful for mixing things.
Dropped By:
Black guard Black Guard (level 42) Black guard (level 60) Black guard berserker
Borrokar Dagannoth (level 112) Freidir Jennella
Lanzig Market Guard (Rellekka) Rock crab Rock lobster
Trade floor guard Warrior (Rellekka)

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