54 Crafting to make (Exp: 55); 99 Herblore to use (Exp: 950).
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes); Purchased from Jatix and the Meilyr Shop (Lady Meilyr or Harmony pillar farmer).
Item Uses:
Used to create any one of three bomb potions.
Made by using a Glassblowing pipe with Molten glass.

Bombs that can be created include:
Potion Level Experience Effect Ingredients
Poison bomb
Poison bomb
99 950 Creates a 3x3 area which will poison enemies for 6 seconds primal extractIritpoison slimewep poison++
Primal extract, Clean irit, 2 Poison slime, and Weapon poison++ (4)
Sticky bomb
Sticky bomb
101 1,000 Creates a 3x3 area which will bind enemies for 6 seconds primal extractbeak snotdino clawscadantine
Primal extract, 2 Beak snot, 2 Dinosaur claws, and Clean cadantine
Vulnerability bomb
Vulnerability bomb
103 1,100 Creates a 3x3 area which will apply the Vulnerability spell to enemies for 1.8 seconds (reduces Defence by 10%) primal extractsoul runechaos runebottled dino roarDwarf weed
Primal extract, 5 Soul rune, 3 Chaos rune, 2 Bottled dinosaur roar, and Clean dwarf weed
Please see each bomb entry for improved recipes.


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0 kg
Examine Information:
An empty glass vial with a round shape and a tuft fuse.

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