Retain After Quest?
10 Mining (Exp: 17.5) to obtain; Partial completion of The Knight's Sword to smelt (Exp: 8.0).
Where Found:
Obtained by Mining Blurite ore rocks.
Item Uses:
Used to make Blurite bar; Used during Defender of Varrock to unlock the power of the Shield of Arrav.
Blurite ore rocks can be found towards the end of the tunnel in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.

Rock Info:

Quantity Required Materials Received Base Junk Chance
1 1 Junk98.9%
Invention Experience
Possible Materials
Simple parts Simple parts´╗┐ 100%
2.26 kg
Examine Information:
Definitely blue.
Dropped By:
'Rum'-pumped crab Abyssal demon Abyssal demon (GWD 2) Abyssal guardian
Abyssal leech Abyssal walker Adamant dragon Ancient mage (GWD 2)
Ancient ranger Ancient ranger (GWD 2) Ancient warrior Ancient warrior (GWD 2)
Archer Arrg Automaton Automaton champion
Aviansie (level 89) Aviansie (level 92) Aviansie (level 95) Balfrug kreeyath
Black Knight (GWD 2) Black Knight champion Blood reaver Blood reaver (GWD 2)
Bloodveld (GWD 2) Bronze dragon Brutish dinosaur Butcher demon
Catablepon Catablepon (level 54) Champion of Infernus Chaos dwarf (GWD 2)
Chaos Elemental Commander Zilyana Corrupted scorpion Dagannoth guardian
Dagannoth Rex Desert strykewyrm Dried zombie (level 67) Elite Black Knight
Exiled kalphite guardian Exiled kalphite marauder Exiled Kalphite Queen Fallen champion (magic)
Fallen champion (melee) Fallen champion (ranged) Feral dinosaur General malpractitioner
Greater reborn ranger Greater Reborn Warrior (level 128) Grotworm Hellhound (GWD 2)
Ice giant Ice strykewyrm Ice Troll Ice troll grunt
Ice troll runt Iron dragon Jake Jungle strykewyrm
K'ril Tsutsaroth Kalphite Guardian Kalphite Queen Kraka
Kree'arra Lampenflora Lava strykewyrm Lesser Demon
Lesser reborn ranger Lesser reborn warrior Lumpnose Mighty blood reaver
Mutated bloodveld (level 91) Mutated bloodveld (level 95) Nechryael (GWD 2) Necromancer (GWD 2)
Nex: Angel of Death Pee Hat Rock Rockslug
Salarin the Twisted Scabaras lancer Scabaras ranger Seren archer
Seren mage Seren warrior Shadow demon Skeletal hand
Skeletal Wyvern Skeleton (GWD 2) Skeleton (level 77 Tarn) Skeleton (level 77)
Spiritual warrior (Armadyl) Spiritual warrior (Bandos) Spiritual warrior (Saradomin) Spiritual warrior (Zamorak)
Steel Dragon Stick Throwing muspah Tormented wraith
Troll General (171) Troll General (91) Tstanon Karlak TzHaar-Hur
TzHaar-Ket TzHaar-Xil Undead Troll (level 81) Warped terrorbird
Warped tortoise Wight (GWD 2) Wight ranger (GWD 2) Wolf (GWD 2)
Yeti Young grotworm Zakl'n Gritch Zamorakian Sniper
Zombie hand

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