No requirements.
Where Found:
Grown in the mushroom patch in Canifis.
Item Uses:
Used as a gardener payment for Whiteberry bushes
Used as a topping on potatoes.
Used to brew Moonlight mead.
Used to repair the fairy ring in the Ancient Cavern.
Player made using the Farming skill (requires 53 Farming, earns 57.7 xp for ea mushroom harvested).
Making the topping requires 46 Cooking and earns 60 xp for making Fried mushrooms.
You need 44 Cooking to brew Moonlight Mead (earns 380 xp).

8 Mushrooms can be give to the farmers of the Bush farming patches as a payment for looking after your crops.

The fairy ring in the Ancient Cavern can be repaired with 5 mushrooms and a spade.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A Bittercap Mushroom.
Dropped By:

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