Completion of Dagon bye and 50 Summoning to make (Exp: 42.8); 50 Summoning to use (Exp: 4.9).
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Used to summon a Waterfiend familiar; Used to create 20 Waterfiend scroll (Straight Flush).
Made by killing a Waterfiend with a Binding contract in your inventory.
Time Active 64 minutes
Points to Summon 100
Default Combat Mode Aggressive
Combat Level 107
Health Points 6,000
Combat Style Magic
Familiar Ability Grants a 5% chance while training Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Divination, or Archaeology to duplicate the gained resource and store it within itself. Can carry up to 20 items.
Quantity Required Materials Received Base Junk Chance
1 3 Junk 50.5%
Invention Experience
Possible Materials
Crafted parts Crafted parts 30%
Flexible parts Flexible parts 27%
Spiritual parts Spiritual parts 40%
Powerful components Powerful components 3%
0 kg
Examine Information:
I can summon a waterfiend familiar with this.

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