No Requirements.
Where Found:
Respawns in the Boneyard. Monster drop.
Item Uses:
Buried or used on the Ectofuntus North-west of Port Phasmatys.
You are given 15 prayer xp when buried, 60 experience when used on on the Ectofungus.
This item can be obtained from the Rare Drop Table.
0.8 kg
Examine Information:
Ew, it's a pile of bones.
Dropped By:
Acheron mammoth Aquanite Bloodveld (level 61) Bloodveld (level 68)
Bloodveld (level 92) Bork Camel warrior Cave horror
Cave horror (elite) Chaos Elemental Chaos giant City guard
Cyclops (Ardougne Zoo) Cyclops (level 57) Cyclops (level 68) Cyclossus
Dagannoth guardian Dark beast Elite Dark Mage Enclave guard
Ferocious barbarian spirit Fire giant Ganodermic beast Giant frog
Giant mole Giant Roc Giant Sea Snake Giant skeleton (level 80)
Gorad Gorak Gorak (level 95) Hill Giant
Horned Graahk Ice giant Ice Troll Ice troll female
Ice troll grunt Ice troll male Ice troll runt Icelord
Jelly Jogre Jubbly bird Jungle horror
Kraka Kree'arra Kurask Lizard
Mature grotworm Mogre Moss giant (level 51) Moss giant (Level 61)
Mountain Troll Mountain Troll (level 75) Nail beast (level 84) Nail beast (level 98)
Nex Nial Swiftfling (Yeti form) Ogre (level 67) Ogre (level 80)
Ogre chieftain Ogre Shaman Ogre trader Ogress
Ogress champion Ogress warrior Pee Hat River Troll
Rock Rock Golem Sabre-toothed kyatt Sea Snake Young
Skeletal hellhound Skeleton Mage (Piscatoris) Spined Larupia Stick
Summoner (level 1) Summoner (level 11) Summoner (level 21) Summoner (level 30)
Summoner (level 40) Summoner (level 50) Summoner (level 60) Summoner (level 70)
Suqah (level 73) Suqah (level 74) Suqah (level 79) Terror dog (level 65)
Thrower Troll TokTz-Ket-Dill Tormented wraith Tortoise
Tortoise (level 50) Troll General (171) Troll General (91) Troll runt (level 1)
Troll runt (level 11) Troll runt (level 15) Troll runt (level 2) Troll runt (level 21)
Troll runt (level 25) Troll runt (level 30) Troll runt (level 35) Troll runt (level 5)
Troll Spectator Unspeakable horror Unspeakable horror (elite) Warped tortoise

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