Where Found:
The Baby troll is a pet obtained during the first part of the Burthorpe tutorial, Stop Them In Their Tracks!.
Item Uses:
A player pet.
Using an item on your troll will cause it to say "Yum, Me Like (item's name)", the trolls name will become that of the item. The Baby troll's name can also be reset by talking to it and following the dialogue. A player can change the name of his or her baby troll by talking to it, then choosing the "Reset (current name)'s name" option.

A Baby troll can be stored in the menagerie in a player-owned house. It will be called 'Baby troll' regardless of what it has been fed when stored in the pet house. If you return to Burthorpe with your baby troll in a player-owned house, Challenge Mistress Fara will "find" your pet and give you a second with the same name as the stored pet. As it is impossible to remove a baby troll from a poh while another is in use (Held in inventory or dropped), it is unknown if you can own two trolls with different names.
Examine Information:
A big, angry Troll.. Not!

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