Retain After Quest?
Where Found:
Is given to you after you give Azzanadra's memory to Kharshai.
Item Uses:
Can be read to learn the contents of Azzanadra's memory.
If lost or destroyed, you can reclaim this from your player-owned-house bookshelf.

Rumours are spreading throughout the empire that the Empty Lord was destroyed in the battle. I cannot believe that. There is no power in this world capable of destroying him. He must be out there, but the portal has failed to establish communication.
I have no choice. I must tell the others that the portal is functioning and that I know Zaros's will. It is the only way to restore hope to our forces. For centuries I have divined his directives and governed the empire to his satisfaction. This will be no different. I can act as his regent in this short absence.
My plan is working. The legions fight against the invading heathens with renewed faith knowing that their Lord still guides them. And today...I even felt his presence. His approval. I act with holy sanction.
I hear him! I hear his voice in my head. Yes, Lord. I will do as you command. Saradomin will be crushed for his insolence. Zamorak will be punished for his betrayal. Armadyl will suffer for his arrogance. I will mete your vengeance upon all of them!
Yes, Lord. Make me your vessel. The empire will rise again!
1 kg
Examine Information:
This is a book containing a transcription of Azzanadra's memory.

This Data was submitted by: Mr Tudjay and Rooskii.

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