Combat Effects:
Damage Accuracy
980 1924

Strength Magic Ranged
0.0 0.0 0.0

Attributes Armour Life Bonus Prayer Bonus
0 0 0

Styles Class Attack Style Attack Speed
Ranged Thrown Fast
80 Ranged and 50 Agility to wield; 90 Smithing and completion of The Eyes of Glouphrie and Plague's End to make (Exp: 1,500).
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes Section).
Item Uses:
Wield for combat; This has a small chance to deal an extra 25% more damage per hit when wielded with a off-hand attuned crystal weapon e.g. Off-hand attuned crystal chakram. This chance is dependant on your Agility level up to a max of 12% at level 99.
Made by using an Attuned crystal weapon seed and 1,000 Harmonic dust on the Singing bowl in the Ithell Sector of Prifddinas.

This is the main-hand counterpart of an Off-hand attuned crystal chakram and stronger version of the Crystal chakram. It can deal 2,500 hits in combat before it will degrade back to an Attuned crystal weapon seed.
0.4 kg
Examine Information:
A throwing disc fashioned from crystal.

This Data was submitted by: Javezz.

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