No Requirements.
Where Found:
After finding the book, a copy can also be found in the shelves in your house.
Item Uses:
When you've read this book you'll automatically identify the constellation you see at end of the Observatory quest, which determines your reward.
It has a brief history of Scorpius and how he introduced astronomy to RuneScape.
Examine Information:
A book on the history of Astrology in RuneScape.
Dropped By:
Afflicted (Level 60) Afflicted (Level 61) Afflicted (Level 63) Afflicted (Level 64)
Al-Kharid warrior Ancient warrior Barbarian (archer) Barbarian (level 10)
Barbarian (woman) (level 28) Black knight Black Knight (level 33) Black Knight Titan
Blood reaver Bloodveld (level 61) Bloodveld (level 68) Bloodveld (level 92)
Chaos druid Chaos dwarf Chaos dwogre Corpse archer
Corpse mage Corpse spider Crawling corpse torso Cuffs
Cyclops (Ardougne Zoo) Dagon'hai Monk Dark Warrior Dark wizard (level 11)
Dark wizard (level 30) Dragith nurn Dung kalphite Elite Lumbridge Guard (level 3)
Farmer Giant spider (level 2) Giant spider (level 39) Goblin (level 11)
Goblin (level 2) Goblin (level 5) Haakon the Champion Hengel
Hill Giant Ice giant Imp Infernal Mage
Jeff Man (level 2) Man (level 4) Mercenary captain
Mugger Narf Necromancer Ocga
Outlaw Penda Renegade Knight Rogue
Rusty Scabaras lancer Skeleton (level 32) Skeleton (level 58)
Skeleton (Lumbridge Catacombs) Skeleton Mage (Piscatoris) Skoblin Thief
Warped bat Warped cockroach Warped fly Warped rat
Werewolf White Knight (level 35) White Knight (level 38) White Knight (level 39)
White Knight (level 50) Wizard Woman (level 2) Young grotworm
Zombie (level 12)

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