16 Invention and have completed the blueprints to create.
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes Section).
Item Uses:
Generates perks when used with Invention components.
These can be made at any Invention workbench, but requires the following:
  • 10 Deflecting Parts
  • 5 Crafted parts
  • 2 Protective Components
You will also need the components to put into the shell to create the perks you desire, however these vary greatly and there are few 100% chance outcomes for the perk you desire.

For a list of all availible perks to add to your gizmo, please refer to Invention Perks.
Quantity Required Materials Received Base Junk Chance
1 1 Junk 78%
Invention Experience
Possible Materials
Simple parts Simple parts 20%
Base parts Base parts 10%
Blade parts Blade parts 10%
Clear parts Clear parts 10%
Connector parts Connector parts 10%
Cover parts Cover parts 10%
Crafted parts Crafted parts 10%
Deflecting parts Deflecting parts 10%
Delicate parts Delicate parts 10%
Flexible parts Flexible parts 10%
Head parts Head parts 10%
Magic parts Magic parts 10%
Metallic parts Metallic parts 10%
Organic parts Organic parts 10%
Padded parts Padded parts 10%
Plated parts Plated parts 10%
Smooth parts Smooth parts 10%
Spiked parts Spiked parts 10%
Spiritual parts Spiritual parts 10%
Stave parts Stave parts 10%
Tensile parts Tensile parts 10%
Clockwork components Clockwork components 2%
Refined components Refined components 2%
Dextrous components Dextrous components 1%
Direct components Direct components 1%
Enhancing components Enhancing components 1%
Ethereal components Ethereal components 1%
Evasive components Evasive components 1%
Healthy components Healthy components 1%
Heavy components Heavy components 1%
Imbued components Imbued components 1%
Light components Light components 1%
Living components Living components 1%
Pious components Pious components 1%
Powerful components Powerful components 1%
Precious components Precious components 1%
Precise components Precise components 1%
Protective components Protective components 1%
Sharp components Sharp components 1%
Strong components Strong components 1%
Stunning components Stunning components 1%
Subtle components Subtle components 1%
Swift components Swift components 1%
Variable components Variable components 1%
0.01 kg
Examine Information:
The base of an armour gizmo, ready for perks to be added.

This Data was submitted by: Wick, Rooskii and Robbie

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