Completion of the Archaeology tutorial to obtain.
Where Found:
Obtained from Ezreal's shop for free.
Item Uses:
Used to carry Soils.
At each level of qualification the soil box's capacity can be increased at the cost of Chronotes. The carrying capacity is a number of EACH SOIL, meaning a box with a capacity of 50 can carry 50 Ancient gravel, 50 Fiery brimstone, 50 Saltwater mud, 50 Aerated sediment, 50 Earthen clay, and 50 Volcanic ash before it cannot carry any more. The table below breaks down the carrying capacity unlocks, their cost, and qualification requirements.
Qualification Chronotes Cost Carrying Capacity
Intern Free 50
Assistant 3,500 100
Associate 18,000 250
Professor 48,000 500
0 kg
Examine Information:
A box for holding Archaeological soils.

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