Retain After Quest?
Must have started the Murder Mystery quest.
Where Found:
Made by using Flypaper with the with flour coated Silver necklace.
Item Uses:
Used for Murder Mystery quest.
If the print matches those of the Unknown print, it will become a killer's print, which means that Anna Sinclair is the killer.
0 kg
Examine Information:
An imprint of Anna's fingerprint.
Dropped By:
'Rum'-pumped crabAberrant spectreAberrant spectre (level 78)Abyssal demon (GWD 2)Adolescent White wolfAfflicted (Level 60)Afflicted (Level 61)Afflicted (Level 63)Afflicted (Level 64)Air ElementalAl-Kharid warriorAncient mage (GWD 2)Ancient ranger (GWD 2)Ancient warriorAncient warrior (GWD 2)AnjaAnkou (elite)Ankou (level 60)Ankou (level 61)Ankou (level 63)Armoured zombieArrgAutomatonAutomaton championAutomaton GeneratorAutomaton GuardianAutomaton TracerAviansie (level 89)Aviansie (level 92)Aviansie (level 95)Bandit (level 54)Bandit (level 78)Bandit BrawlerBandit looterBansheeBasiliskBlack demonBlack Guard (level 42)Black HeatherBlack knightBlack Knight (GWD 2)Black Knight (level 33)Black Knight champion Blood reaverBlood reaver (GWD 2)Bloodveld (GWD 2)Bloodveld (level 61)Bloodveld (level 68)Bloodveld (level 92)Blue dragonBorisBorrokarBreocaButcher demonCatableponCatablepon (level 54)Cave bug (level 12)Cave bug (level 8)Cave Crawler (level 53)Cave crawler (level 74)Cave Crawler (level 78)Cave horror (elite)CeolburgChampion of InfernusChaos druidChaos dwarf (GWD 2)Chaos ElementalCockatriceCockroach droneCockroach workerCyclops (Ardougne Zoo)Dagannoth (baby)Dagannoth (level 112)Dagannoth (level 77)Dagannoth (level 78)Dagannoth (level 79)Dagannoth guardianDark WarriorDesert Lizard (level 63)Desert strykewyrmDried zombie (level 67)Drunken manDung kalphiteDust devilDust devil (elite)Dwarf (level 14)Dwarf (level 39)Dwarf (level 44)Dwarf (level 9)Earth ElementalEarth WarriorEduardElf warrior (level 84)Elf warrior (level 89)Elite Khazard guard Exiled kalphite guardianExiled kalphite marauderExperiment No.2Fallen champion (magic)Fallen champion (melee)Fallen champion (ranged)FarmerFerocious barbarian spiritFire elementalFire giantFlesh Crawler (level 39)Flesh Crawler (level 40)FreidirFrost dragonFungal mageFungal rodentGelatinious abominationGeneral malpractitionerGeorgyGhastGhast (level 28)Ghast (level 63)Ghast (level 91)Giant ant workerGiant Rock CrabGiant skeleton (level 80)Giant wasp (84)GorakGorak (level 95)Greater demonGreater demon (elite)Greater reborn mageGreen DragonGrifolarooGrotwormH.A.M. Guard (level 20)Hellhound (GWD 2)Hill GiantHobgoblin (level 28)Hobgoblin (level 46)Ice strykewyrmIce TrollIce troll femaleIce warriorImpImreIrinaJeffJellyJennellaJosephJungle strykewyrmKalphite SoldierKalphite WorkerKillerwattKing Black DragonKrakaLanzigLesser reborn mageLesser reborn rangerLevLizardLocust riderMan (level 2)Man (level 4)Market Guard (Rellekka)Mature grotwormMighty bansheeMighty blood reaverMillaMolaniskMoss giant (level 51)Moss giant (Level 61)Mountain TrollMountain Troll (level 75)Mourner (level 85)MuggerMummyMutated bloodveld (level 91)Mutated bloodveld (level 95)NarfNechryael (GWD 2)Necromancer (GWD 2)NikitaNikolaiOcgaOtherworldly beingOutlawPaladinPee HatPyrefiendPyrefiend (level 67)Renegade KnightRockRock GolemRock lobsterRockslugRogueRorariusRustySalarin the TwistedScabaras lancerScabaras mage (level 88)Scabaras Mage (level 98)Scabaras rangerScarab mageSeren archerSeren mageSeren warriorShadow demonShadow WarriorSkeleton (GWD 2)Skeleton (level 16)Skeleton (level 62)Skeleton (level 66)Skeleton (level 74)Skeleton (level 76)Skeleton (level 77 Tarn)Skeleton (level 78)Skeleton (level 84)Skeleton MageSkeleton Mage (Piscatoris)Skeleton thugSofiyaSorebonesSpeedy KeithSuqah (level 73)Suqah (level 74)Suqah (level 79)SvetlanaTerror dog (level 61)Terror dog (level 65)ThiefThrower TrollThugTormented wraithTortoiseTortured soulTribesman (level 60)Tribesman (level 63)Troll bruteTroll chuckerTroll commandoTroll General (171)Troll General (91)Troll ranger commandoTroll shamanTuroth (level 64)Turoth (level 66)Turoth (level 68)Turoth (level 69)Turoth (level 71)Undead Troll (level 81)Undead Troll (level 86)VampyreVampyre (level 88)VeraVyrewatch (level 86)Vyrewatch (level 91)Wall beastWarrior (Rellekka)Water ElementalWerewolfWerewolf (level 89)White Knight (level 38)White wolf (level 5)Wight (GWD 2)Wight ranger (GWD 2)Wolf (GWD 2)Woman (level 4)YadvigaYuriZamorakian SniperZojaZombie (level 11)Zombie (level 12)Zombie (level 29)Zombie pirate (level 49)Zombie pirate (level 52)

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