91 Crafting to use.
Where Found:
Monster Drop.
Item Uses:
Used to create Elite sirenic armor.
Ancient scales are a relatively rare drop from within Elite Dungeons. Your chances of obtaining them depend on how large of a group you descend with; larger group = smaller chance to obtain. You are guaranteed a drop on a solo encounter only.

The Elite sirenic set consists of:
Piece Crafting Level Crafting Experience Scales Algarum thread Chaotic spikes
Elite sirenic mask 91 500 150 1 0
Elite sirenic hauberk 93 1,500 420 3 5
Elite sirenic chaps 92 1,000 280 2 0
TOTAL 3,000 840 6 5
0 kg
Examine Information:
A pristine scale from the mystical creatures. It contains pure power.

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