Where Found:
Harvested from Ancestral energy springs on Uncharted Isles; harvested from a Negative energy spring with Positive energy in your inventory; harvested from a Positive energy spring with Negative energy in your inventory; or bought from Halia for 20 Chimes each.
Item Uses:
Can be used to make a range of items from the Divination skill (See Notes); or sold to Halia for 2 Chimes each.
A Divine charge can be created from 100 Ancestral energy and 20 simple parts.

The following items can be transmuted with Ancestral energy:
Divination Level Starting items Ancestral energy Product Experience gained
90 20 Raw tarpon 2 10 Raw seerfish 204
91 10 Raw seerfish 10 10 Raw sillago 204
92 10 Raw sillago 15 10 Raw wobbegong 213
93 10 Shell chippings 5 10 Shiny shell chippings 217
94 10 Sea salt 5 10 Alaea sea salt 220
95 2 Driftwood (Arc) 2 1 Sliced mushrooms 22.6
96 20 Alaea sea salt 20 10 Wobbegong oil 232
97 10 Wobbegong oil 10 10 Shiny tortle shell bowl 234
0 kg
Examine Information:
A chunk of balanced energy. It can be manipulated to create or transmute objects.
Dropped By:

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