You must be in a clan to obtain orts.
Where Found:
Can be obtained from almost any skilling activity (not including Agility, Dungeoneering or Summoning) or killing any monster.
Item Uses:
Given to a Clan Avatar or Quartermaster to receive avatar buffs for 1 week. Can also be used to heal damaged Avatars.
A maximum of 200 orts can be collected each day. 300 orts are required to receive the buffs for one week.

If you wish to stop ort drops, then you can speak to the Captain of the Guard in the Clan Camp. For more information on Clan Avatars and their buffs, see the Clan Citadel guide.

If you leave your clan, you will lose all collected orts.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A magical rock.
Dropped By:

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