1 Runecrafting to make (Exp: 5).
Where Found:
East of the Draynor Village jail; behind Luthas' house on Karamja; south-west of the cooking guild; and in the Dark Knight's Fortress in the Wilderness.Player made (See Notes); Bought from Magic Store owner in the Wizards' Guild and Ali Morrisane after the Rogue Trader mini-game; Possible monster drop.
Item Uses:
Used to cast various Magic spells.
To make this item, use pure/rune essence on the air altar (south of the cooking guild).
0 kg
Examine Information:
One of the 4 basic elemental Runes.
Dropped By:
Air Elemental Air wizard Archer Aviansie (level 89) Aviansie (level 92) Aviansie (level 95) Banshee Black demon Black dragon Black Knight (level 33) Blood reaver Blue dragon Brine rat Bronze dragon Chaos druid Chaos druid warrior Chaos dwarf Chaos dwogre Cockroach drone Colonel Radick Corpse archer Corpse mage Corpse spider Crawling corpse torso Dagannoth Prime Dagon'hai Monk Dark wizard (level 11) Dark wizard (level 30) Dragith nurn Dung kalphite Elite Dark Mage Elite Khazard guard Elite Lumbridge Guard (level 3) Exiled kalphite paragon Exiled kalphite soldier Farmer Ghast (level 28) Ghast (level 63) Ghast (level 91) Giant ant worker Giant skeleton (level 80) Giant spider (level 39) Goblin (level 2) Greater reborn mage Guard (Ardougne) Guard (Burthorpe) Guard (Falador Archer) Guard (Falador) Guard (Varrock) Imp Infernal Mage Kalphite Guardian Kalphite Soldier Kalphite Worker Killerwatt Mighty banshee Moss giant (level 51) Moss giant (Level 61) Necromancer Pirate (jail) Pirate (level 42) Pirate (level 46) Red dragon Rogue Saradomin wizard Shadow Warrior Skeletal miner Skeletal Wyvern Skeleton (level 15) Skeleton (level 16) Skeleton (level 32) Skeleton (level 58) Skeleton (level 77 Tarn) Skeleton (level 85) Skeleton fremennik (34) Skeleton fremennik (40) Skeleton Mage Skoblin Soldier Tower guard TzHaar-Mej Wallasalki Warped bat Warped cockroach Warped fly Warped terrorbird Zamorak crafter Zamorak Wizard Zamorak Wizard (level 70) Zombie (level 12) Zombie (level 29) Zombie pirate (level 52)

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