99 Ranged to obtain.
Where Found:
Obtained when training Ranged after a player has reached level 99.
Item Uses:
Used to make the Combatant's cape and Combatant's hood (See Notes).
Upon finding one, the following message appears: "You find a shard emanating magical energy during training, and place it in your inventory."

When combined with the Holy shard, Imbued shard, Rigid shard, Sharp shard, Strong shard, Summoned shard, and Vital shard it will turn into the combatant's cape and hood.The cape has the same bonuses as other Capes of Accomplishment, but it comes with a different emote and boosts all relevant skills to 100 when operated.

If you have an Expert skillcape shard bag, even if it's in the bank, skill shards will automatically be placed inside and you will receive the message: "You found a shard emanating magical energy as you were training. It has been added to your shard bag."
0 kg
Examine Information:
This shard, only obtainable by the most skilled rangers, can be combined with others to create a magical cape.

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