No Requirements.
Where Found:
Obtained randomly from Egil after Smithing an item on an anvil within the Artisans' Workshop.
Item Uses:
Using an Artisans' Workshop anvil with a sword design in the player's inventory allows them to partake in Ceremonial Sword Smithing.
Players may only possess one set of sword designs at a time and they cannot be placed in a bank. Should a player successfully create a sword design perfectly they will be awarded with the sword to keep (or the off-hand variant, should they request it). However, the swords (5 designs per metal) are not particularly valuable: they cannot be alchemized, disassembled, or sold, and have stats similar to most one-handed weapons of the same metal.
This item cannot be disassembled.
1.8 kg
Examine Information:
Plans for a ceremonial adamant sword.

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