Combat Effects:
Damage Accuracy
384 628

Strength Magic Ranged
0 0 0

Attributes Armour Life Bonus Prayer Bonus
0 0 0

Styles Class Attack Style Attack Speed
Melee Slashing Fastest
40 Attack to wield; 75 Smithing to make (Exp: 125).
Where Found:
Monster Drop; Player made (See Notes Section); Reward for The Feud quest (drop from Bandit Champion).
Item Uses:
Made by using 2 Adamantite bars and a Hammer on an anvil. The Adamant scimitar is the third strongest scimitar.

For the off-hand version, see Off-Hand Adamant Scimitar.
1 kg
Examine Information:
A vicious, curved sword.
Dropped By:
Afflicted (Level 60)Afflicted (Level 61)Afflicted (Level 63)Afflicted (Level 64)Al-Kharid warriorArmoured zombieAviansie (level 89)Aviansie (level 92)Aviansie (level 95)Bandit (level 54)Bandit (level 78)Bandit looterBansheeBarbarian (woman) (level 28)Big frogBilly GoatBlack guardBlack guard (level 60)Black knightBlack Knight (level 33)Black Knight TitanBladed muspahCadarn rangerCatablepon (level 54)Cave slimeCelestial dragonChaos dwarfChaos dwarf hand cannoneerChaos dwogreCockatriceCockroach workerCorporeal BeastCorpse archerCorpse mageCorpse spiderCow (level 2)Cow (level 4)Cow calfCrawling corpse torsoCuffsCyclops (Ardougne Zoo)Dagannoth SupremeDark wizard (level 11)Dark wizard (level 30)Desert Lizard (level 63)Desert strykewyrmDragith nurnDragonstone dragonDried zombie (level 67)Drunken manDung kalphiteDwarf (level 14)Dwarf (level 44)Dwarf (level 9)Elite Lumbridge Guard (level 3)Exiled Kalphite QueenFarmerFeral dinosaurForce muspahFreygerdGhostly warriorGiant frogGiant LobsterGiant skeleton (level 80)Giant spider (level 2)GoatH.A.M. Guard (level 20)H.A.M. Guard (level 30)H.A.M. Guard (level 32)HengelHill GiantHobgoblin (level 28)Hobgoblin (level 46)Hydrix dragonIce giantIron dragonJeffJennellaKalphite GuardianKalphite QueenKree'arraLanzigLensaLesser reborn rangerLizardLocustLocust riderMan (level 2)Man (level 4)Market Guard (Rellekka)Mighty bansheeMinotaurMinotaur (level 52)MolaniskMonkey knife fighterMoss giant (level 51)Moss giant (Level 61)MuggerMutated bloodveld (level 91)Mutated bloodveld (level 95)Mutated zygomite (level 58)Mutated zygomite (level 65)NecromancerOcgaOtherworldly beingOutlawPendaRenegade KnightRock crabRock GolemRockslugRogueRorariusRustySassilikScabaras lancerScabaras mage (level 88)Scabaras Mage (level 98)Scarab mageSergeant GrimspikeSergeant SteelwillSergeant StrongstackShadow WarriorSkeletal minerSkeletal WyvernSkeleton (level 32)Skeleton (level 58)Skeleton (level 85)Skeleton (Lumbridge Catacombs)Skeleton fremennik (34)Skeleton fremennik (40)SkoblinSmall LizardSorebonesSteel DragonThiefThrowing muspahThugTroll bruteTroll chuckerTroll ranger commandoTroll shamanUndead Troll (level 86)Warped batWarped cockroachWarped flyWarped ratWarrior (Rellekka)White wolf (level 5)Woman (level 4)WyvernYellow salamanderZombie (level 12)Zombie (level 29)Zombie handZombie pirate (level 49)Zombie pirate (level 52)Zombie swab

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