Combat Effects:
Damage Accuracy
384 628

Strength Magic Ranged
0 0 0

Attributes Armour Life Bonus Prayer Bonus
0 0 3

Styles Class Attack Style Attack Speed
Melee Crushing Fastest
40 Attack to wield; 72 Smithing to make (Exp: 62.5).
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes); Bought from Anton in the Warriors' Guild and the mace Shop in Falador; Monster drop.
Item Uses:
Wield for combat.
The Adamant mace is a mace stronger than the Mithril Mace, but weaker than the Rune Mace.

For the off-hand variety, see Off-Hand Adamant Mace.
2 kg
Examine Information:
A spiky mace.
Dropped By:
Aberrant spectre Aberrant spectre (level 78) Abomination Abyssal demon (GWD 2)
Acheron mammoth Ancient mage (GWD 2) Ancient ranger (GWD 2) Ancient warrior (GWD 2)
Ankou (elite) Ankou (level 60) Ankou (level 61) Ankou (level 63)
Aquanite Araxxi Arrg Automaton
Automaton champion Automaton Generator Automaton Guardian Automaton Tracer
Balfrug kreeyath Black Knight (GWD 2) Black Knight champion Blissful shadow
Blood reaver (GWD 2) Bloodveld (GWD 2) Bree Broodoo victim (blue/white)
Bulbous crawler Butcher demon Cave bug (level 8) Cave horror
Cave horror (elite) Champion of Infernus Chaos dwarf (GWD 2) Chaos dwogre
Chaos Elemental Chaos giant Chicken Clawdia
Cockroach soldier Commander Zilyana Corporeal Beast Corrupted dust devil
Corrupted kalphite guardian Corrupted kalphite marauder Cyclops (level 57) Cyclops (level 68)
Cyclossus Dagannoth (baby) Dagannoth (level 112) Dagannoth (level 77)
Dagannoth (level 78) Dagannoth (level 79) Dagannoth guardian Dagannoth Prime
Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Supreme Dark beast Desert strykewyrm
Dung kalphite Dust devil Dust devil (elite) Earth Warrior
Edimmu Elf warrior (level 84) Elf warrior (level 89) Enclave guard
Exiled kalphite guardian Exiled kalphite marauder Fallen champion (magic) Fallen champion (melee)
Fallen champion (ranged) Ferocious barbarian spirit Flight Kilisa Flockleader Geerin
Frost dragon Fungal mage Fungal rodent Ganodermic beast
Ganodermic runt General Graardor Giant ant worker Giant Rock Crab
Giant skeleton (level 120) Giant wasp (84) Glacor Goblin statue
Grifolapine Grifolaroo Grotworm Growler
Hellhound (GWD 2) Highwayman (hooded) Hill Giant Hobgoblin (level 28)
Hobgoblin (level 46) Ice giant Ice strykewyrm Ice troll female
Ice troll grunt Ice troll runt Infested axe Jelly
Jogre Jungle horror Jungle strykewyrm K'ril Tsutsaroth
Kal'gerion demon Kree'arra Kurask Lampenflora
Lesser reborn mage Lesser reborn warrior Manifest shadow Mature grotworm
Mighty blood reaver Mogre Mosquito swarm (level 92) Moss giant (level 51)
Moss giant (Level 61) Mountain Troll Mountain Troll (level 75) Mourner (level 124)
Mourner (level 79) Mourner (level 84) Mourner (level 85) Mutated jadinko baby
Mutated jadinko guard Mutated jadinko male Mutated zygomite (level 58) Mutated zygomite (level 65)
Nechryael Nechryael (GWD 2) Necromancer (GWD 2) Nex
Nomad (Hard Mode) Ogre (level 67) Ogre (level 80) Ogre chieftain
Ogre statue Ogre trader Ork statue Ourg statue
Possessed pickaxe (level 49) Queen Black Dragon Rat Revenant dragon
Rorarius Sea snake hatchling Sea Snake Young Seren archer
Seren mage Seren warrior Sergeant Grimspike Sergeant Steelwill
Sergeant Strongstack Shadow demon Skeletal Wyvern Skeleton (GWD 2)
Skeleton fremennik (34) Skeleton fremennik (40) Skeleton fremennik (44) Spider
Starlight Suqah (level 73) Suqah (level 74) Suqah (level 79)
Tenacious toucan Terror dog (level 61) Terror dog (level 65) Thrower Troll
Tormented demon Tortoise Tortoise (level 50) Tortured soul
Tribesman (level 60) Tribesman (level 63) Troll brute Troll chucker
Troll commando Troll ranger commando Troll shaman Troll Spectator
Truthful shadow Tstanon Karlak Turoth (level 64) Turoth (level 66)
Turoth (level 68) Turoth (level 69) Turoth (level 71) Undead Troll (level 81)
Unspeakable horror Unspeakable horror (elite) Vampyre Vampyre (level 88)
Vinecrawler Wallasalki Werewolf White wolf (level 5)
Wight (GWD 2) Wight ranger (GWD 2) Wingman Skree Wolf (GWD 2)
Young grotworm Zakl'n Gritch Zamorakian Sniper

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