Combat Effects:
Damage Accuracy
0 0

Strength Magic Ranged
0 0 0

Attributes Armour Life Bonus Prayer Bonus
125 0 0

Styles Class Attack Style Attack Speed
Melee N/A N/A
40 Defence to wield; 76 Smithing to make (Exp: 125).
Where Found:
Helmet Shop in Barbarian Village; player made (See Notes Section).
Item Uses:
Worn for protection.
To make this item you will need to use 2 Adamant bars and a Hammer (either in inventory or toolbelt) on an anvil.
This item has a buy limit of 100 in the Grand Exchange.
3.1 kg
Examine Information:
A full-face helmet.
Dropped By:
'Rum'-pumped crab Aberrant spectre Aberrant spectre (level 78) Abyssal demon
Abyssal guardian Abyssal leech Abyssal walker Acheron mammoth
Airut Ancient warrior Animated Adamant Armour Ankou (elite)
Ankou (level 60) Ankou (level 61) Ankou (level 63) Aquanite
Aquatic jadinko Araxxi Arcane apoterrasaur Armoured zombie
Automaton Generator Automaton Guardian Automaton Tracer Bagrada rex
Banshee Basilisk Bat Beastmaster Durzag
Big frog Black demon Black dragon Black knight
Bladed muspah Bloodveld (level 61) Bloodveld (level 68) Bloodveld (level 92)
Blue dragon Bork Brine rat Bronze dragon
Brutal green dragon Cadarn magus Cadarn ranger Camouflaged jadinko
Cannibal jadinko Carrion jadinko Catablepon (level 54) Cave bug (level 12)
Cave bug (level 8) Cave Crawler (level 53) Cave crawler (level 74) Cave Crawler (level 78)
Cave goblin Cave goblin guard Cave goblin miner Cave horror
Cave horror (elite) Celestial dragon Chaos dwarf hand cannoneer Chaos Elemental
Chronozon Cockatrice Cockroach soldier Commander Zilyana
Common jadinko Corporeal Beast Corrupted dust devil Corrupted kalphite guardian
Corrupted kalphite marauder Corrupted lizard Corrupted scarab Corrupted scorpion
Corrupted worker Cow (level 4) Crocodile akh Cyclops (level 57)
Cyclops (level 68) Cyclossus Dagannoth (level 112) Dagannoth (level 77)
Dagannoth (level 78) Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth sentinel
Dagannoth Supreme Dark beast Dark wizard (level 11) Deadly red spider
Desert strykewyrm Devil's snare Diseased jadinko Draconic jadinko
Dried zombie (level 67) Dung kalphite Dust devil Dust devil (elite)
Earth Warrior Elf warrior (level 84) Elf warrior (level 89) Elite rune dragon
Exiled kalphite guardian Exiled kalphite marauder Exiled Kalphite Queen Farmer
Feline akh Fenris wolf Fever spider Fire giant
Flesh Crawler (level 39) Flesh Crawler (level 40) Flockleader Geerin Force muspah
Frog Frogeel Frost dragon Fungal mage
Ganodermic beast Ganodermic runt Gargoyle General Graardor
General malpractitioner Ghoul Giant bat Giant crypt rat
Giant frog Giant mole Giant Rock Crab Giant Sea Snake
Giant spider (level 2) Giant spider (level 4) Glacor Gladius
Goblin (level 2) Goblin statue Gorak Gorak (level 95)
Gorilla akh Greater demon Greater demon (elite) Green Dragon
Grotworm Guard (Cave goblin) Guard (level 58) Guthix jadinko
Harpie Bug Swarm Hellhound Hill Giant Ice strykewyrm
Ice Troll Ice troll grunt Ice troll runt Ice warrior
Icefiend Igneous jadinko Imp Imperial mage akh
Imperial ranger akh Imperial warrior akh Infernal Mage Infested axe
Iorwerth guard Iorwerth scout Iron dragon Jelly
Jogre Jungle horror Jungle strykewyrm K'ril Tsutsaroth
Kal'gerion demon Kalphite Guardian Kalphite King Kalphite Soldier
Kalphite Worker Khazard trooper Killerwatt King Black Dragon
Kree'arra Kurask Lampenflora Lava strykewyrm
Lesser Demon Liverworts Living rock patriarch Living rock protector
Living rock striker Locust rider Luminous snaggler Malletops
Man (level 2) Man (level 4) Mature grotworm Mighty banshee
Mithril dragon Molanisk Monk of Zamorak (level 54) Moss giant (level 51)
Moss giant (Level 61) Moss Golem Mourner (level 85) Mummy
Mutated bloodveld (level 91) Mutated bloodveld (level 95) Mutated jadinko baby Mutated jadinko guard
Mutated jadinko male Nechryael Nex Nomad (Hard Mode)
Oculi apoterrasaur Ogre statue Ogress champion Ork statue
Ourg statue Pavosaurus rex Pyrefiend Pyrefiend (level 67)
Queen Black Dragon Red dragon Rock crab Rockslug
Rorarius Rune dragon Salawa akh Saradomin jadinko
Scabaras lancer Scabaras ranger Scarab akh Scimitops
Sea snake hatchling Sea Snake Young Shadow jadinko Shadow Warrior
Skeletal hand Skeletal Wyvern Skeleton (level 77) Soulgazer
Soulgazer (Elite) Steel Dragon Suqah (level 73) Suqah (level 74)
Suqah (level 79) Terror dog (level 61) Terror dog (level 65) The Magister
Thief Throwing muspah Tormented demon Tormented wraith
Troll ranger commando Turoth (level 64) Turoth (level 66) Turoth (level 68)
Turoth (level 69) Turoth (level 71) TzHaar-Hur TzHaar-Ket
TzHaar-Mej TzHaar-Xil Unspeakable horror Unspeakable horror (elite)
Veil-ripper Ozharakha Venomous dinosaur Vinecrawler Vyrewatch (level 86)
Vyrewatch (level 91) Warped tortoise Waterfiend Waterfiend (Ghorrock)
Werewolf Werewolf (level 89) WildyWyrm Wingman Skree
Yakamaru Yeti Zamorak jadinko Zombie (level 22)
Zombie (level 29) Zombie hand

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