Where Found:
This item is considered as a rare drop from Raids bosses. If a players owns the normal Teralith Gauntlets doubles the chance of getting the drop. Besides Daemonheim-only armour, the grant the wearer best defensive bonuses for any item in their slot, tied with other Raids equipment.
Item Uses:
The Achto Teralith Gauntlets are a level 90 Melee tank hands slot item, part of the Achto Teralith equipment set.
A player that is currently wearing the Achto Teralith set, or a mix of the two, is given a chance that all of your defensive abilities will have their cooldowns reset. Dying in the Wilderness with the achto teralith gauntlets, it will drop coins instead of the item.
Examine Information:
Gauntlets infused with otherworldly magic.
Dropped By:

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