Completion of Jack of Spades; 47 Woodcutting to cut (92 exp); 47 Firemaking to burn. (140 exp); 45 Fletching to make Arrow shafts (12.5 exp).
Where Found:
Cut from an Acadia Tree
Item Uses:
Used to train Firemaking and Fletching.
These trees can be found in the Imperial district of Menaphos.

Cutting this log gives 4.5 Reputation each. To get the most amount of reputation, it is advised to either drop or bank them. Banking is only suggested if you have the deposit box unlocked (Tier 2 Imperial).

It is possible to find the Menaphite honey bee and Fruit fly in amber while burning these logs.

The only thing you can Fletch these logs into is 30 Arrow shafts.
2 kg
Examine Information:
Logs cut from an acadia tree.

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