No Requirements.
Where Found:
Obtained by killing bosses in the Dominion Tower.
Item Uses:
A journal page is a reward from the Dominion Tower. It can be put in the Dominion journal.
If one completes the Journal, and stores it in a player-owned house bookcase, you will start to receive pages again. It is up to the player whether they will try to complete a second journal, or just destroy the pages.

You can obtain all the pages from one mode. The pages are difficult to find, it the chances of getting a page increase the higher a players dominion factor gets. A useful way to do this is to do climber mode and fighting as high as possible. Reaching floor 20 will normally grant over 200,000 dominion factor, which can possibly give one or two journal pages upon opening the rewards box.
0 kg
Examine Information:
It's covered in some very messy handwriting!

This Data was submitted by: DRAVAN and ChathMurrpau.

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