Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
North East of Lumbridge Castle. Accessed via the trap door North of the North-most building on the West side of the River Lum.
Quests Available in the Guild:
Guild Map:

Guild Area

  1. Lobby: Here is the room that Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger and Chief Thief Robin are in. You may talk to both to start the 3 Capers. After having completed the last caper A Guild of Our Own, you may teach Darren about thieving and receive 2K Thieving XP by pickpocketing the dummy Mark 1.


  2. Central Area: This is the main area of the Thieves' Guild. Here you can crack safes, pickpocket people, lure and knock-out people, or steal from chests. Everything you do here will earn you Hanky points that you can then trade in for Thieving experience. the amount of points you are able to trade in per week depends on your Thieving level.


  3. Bank: Here is the bank where you can store your valuables.


  4. Dodgey Derek's Dirty Deals: Here is the main store in the Thieves' guild. The prices for each item are listed on the lower right side, next to the coin symbol, and are subject to change.


The Capers

In order to access all the areas of the guild, you will need to complete 3 capers. Each one will unlock a new section of the guild. Below you will find guides on how to complete each one of these capers.

Caper 1: From Tiny Acorns

Quest Requirements:
Buyers and Cellars

Skill Requirements:
24 Thieving

Recommended Items: Teleport runes for Varrock and Lumbridge

Rewards: 1k Thieving Experience

  1. You're asked to go to Varrock and steal a toy dragon made completely from rubies in order to get the guild's money back from the dwarf, Urist, and then Darren can sell the dragon.

  2. Make your way to Varrock.and talk to the Market Guard who is near the center of town. Through some conversation, he will tell you that Urist values the talisman he keeps in his back pocket. Steal this from Urist and then drop it on the ground.


  3. Talk to Urist and he will go over to look at the talisman and complain. Quickly go to the guard and distract him by accusing Gypsy Aris' sign of giving him the evil eye. After he's distracted go and steal the dragon from the stall.


  4. Urist should return to his normal position and you can talk to him to get the guild's money back. Go back to Lumbridge and into the guild and give the dragon and bank note to Darren and collect your reward.

    Caper One

Caper 2: Lost Her Marbles

Quest Requirements:
Buyers and Cellars
Caper 1: From Tiny Acorns

Skill Requirements:
41 Thieving

Recommended Items: Teleport runes for Ardougne and Lumbridge

Rewards: 9.8k Total Thieving Experience, 255 Maple logs, 126 Teak logs, 45 Law runes, 55 Nature runes, 37 Raw lobsters, 19 Raw swordfish, 36 Gold ore, 46 Coal, and better loot from pickpocketing NPC's up to level 40.

  1. Darren Lightfinger asks you to be on the lookout for valuable flame fragments, which you can find while picking pockets around Gielinor. You can get these by pickpocketing Citizens, H.A.M. Members, Farmers, Master Farmers, Guards, Warriors, and Rogues.

  2. Head out of the guild and start finding people to pickpocket. Each type of person will only have a maximum of 6 shards, so you will only need to pickpocket 6 of the 7 different types of people. The best way to get all shards is to collect them from the people around the Draynor and Lumbrdige area, then make your way to Ardounge to get the last few.

    • Citizens - Located in the center part of Lumbridge.
    • H.A.M. Members - Located in the H.A.M. Hideout, inside the Old mine entrance next to the Cow field over the bridge northeast of the Furnace.
    • Farmers - Located around the windmill, on the northern road between Lumbridge and Draynor Village.
    • Master Farmers - Located just to the north of the Draynor village market.
    • Guards - In the heart of the Ardounge market.
    • Warriors - North-west of Ardounge, just to the west of the Fishing Guild.
    • Rogues - In the most North-eastern part of the Wilderness, at the Rogues Castle. This is right next to the Chaos Elemental and in a VERY dangerous part of the Wilderness. It is highly recommended to avoid trying to get the shards from them, and focus on getting them from the other 6 types of people.

  3. Once you have all 32 shards, head back to Darren Lightfinger to claim your reward. For each group of shards you trade in, you will get 1,200 thieving experience and a share of the guild's loot. You will need to collect your share of the loot from Robin before you are able to trade in any more groups of shards. The guilds facilities will also expand, giving you access to a special store.

    Caper Two

Caper 3: A Guild of Our Own

Quest Requirements:
The Feud
Buyers and Cellars
Caper 1: From Tiny Acorns
Caper 2: Lost Her Marbles

Skill Requirements:
62 Thieving
40 Agility
46 Herblore

Required Items: Any Blackjack except a Rubber blackjack, Lockpick, Clean irit, Vial of water, Bowl, Onion, and a Knife

Reccomended Items: Teleport runes for Ardougne and Lumbridge

Rewards: 30k Thieving Experience, 4k Herblore Experience, Ability to make Vials of Stench

  1. Guildmaster Darren wants you to infiltrate the Guild Registry in East Ardougne, steal the contents of their vault and use that money to pay for the Thieves' Guild registration fee. Before doing anything else, talk to Robin about a potion recipe. He suggests creating a Vial of stench by using an Irit and some chopped onion in a vial of water.

  2. To get chopped onion get a knife and an onion, and use the onion on a bowl. Add the bowl of onions with an Irit and a Vial of water to get the special potions. Bring the potion to Robin for activation.

  3. Now, head to East Ardougne. The Guild Registry can be found to the South-East of the market area. Go inside and talk to the registrar woman and ask her about the clicking. She'll say its a clock that she can wind the time on with her key. Steal the key from her and go to the clock.


  4. You have to be fast during this part. First, wind the clock. When she walks into the room, act fast and Lure the guard. When he's asking her how its going stand behind him and knock him out. Steal the key from him and use the lever behind the registrar's desk then go down the trapdoor. Go down the trapdoor to enter the vault.


  5. Down here, use your lockpick on the door until you manage to open it. Then right click the chest and check it to find a trap. Disarm it and open the chest. After having gotten the bonds check out the crates underneath the vent and go outside.


  6. Go to the bank and store your Vial of stench. Now head back to the Guild Registry and pay the guild's dues. Return to Darren in the Thieves' guild to claim your final rewards. The guilds facilities will yet again expand, and grant you access to their own special bank.

    Caper Three

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