Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
North East of Lumbridge Castle. Accessed via the trap door North of the North-most building on the West side of the River Lum.
Quests Available in the Guild:
Guild Map:

Guild Area

  1. Lobby:
    Here you can find Darren Lightfinger and Chief Thief Robin. You can speak to them to begin any of The Capers. Once you have completed Caper 3: A Guild of Our Own, you can teach Darren about Thieving and receive 2,000 experience by pickpocketing the nearby dummy Mark 1.


  2. Coshing:
    In the South West corner of the Main Room, you will find 3 Coshing volunteers and the Advanced pickpocketing trainer. Note that you will need level 41+ Thieving, at least partial completion of The Feud (to step 9) to learn how to use a blackjack for Thieving, completion of the first Caper (From Tiny Acorns), and a Blackjack in order to use them for training; they will not be present until completion of the Caper. The amount of experience gained scales with your level. You will also gain 4 Hanky Points for each time you successfully obtain loot.
    Tip: Most people will "trap" one of the volunteers (or the trainer) on the opposite side of the door leading to the Lobby or to Dodgey Derek's Dirty Deals. This makes it so you do not have to chase them down to lure and cosh them again.

    Coshing Training

  3. Pickpocketing:
    In the very center of the main room you will encounter the Pickpocketing trainer, 3 Pickpocketing volunteers, and 2 Mark II pickpocketing dummies. Note that you will need level 41+ Thieving and completion of the first Caper (From Tiny Acorns) in order to use them for training; they will not be present until completion of the Caper. When successful, you will "obtain" a Blue hanky, worth 1 Hanky Point, and Thieving experience - the amount gained scales with your level. If you fail, you will be stunned and get hit for 1 Life point.

    Check Your Pockets

  4. Safes:
    In the North East corner of the main room you will find Safe-cracking trainer. Around him are 4 wall safes and 2 safecracking ones. The first 4 can be used for training after completion of the first 2 Capers (From Tiny Acorns and Lost Her Marbles); this is also when the Safe-cracking trainer will appear. For each successful looing of a safe, you will "obtain" a Blue hanky, worth 1 Hanky Point, and Thieving experience - the amount gained scales with your level. If you fail, you will spring a fake trap though these will not hurt you.
    You will need to wait until after completion of A Guild of Our Own before the Safe-cracking trainer will teach you about safecracking.

    Check Your Pockets

  5. Chests:
    In the South East corner of the room is the Locks and traps trainer along with 6 cells that contain chests. To train here, you only need level 24+ Thieving and completion of the first Caper (From Tiny Acorns). The cells to the North will earn you 210 experience for the door and 30 for the chest as well as 1 Hanky point per chest. The Southern cells earn you 280 for the door and 180 for the chest as well as 4 Hanky points and a Lockpick is necessary to open. The chests will close after about about 30 seconds and the cell doors will close after about 5 minutes.


  6. Rooms:
    With the completion of Lost Her Marbles, the Guild expanded to include several bedrooms. Within each of them, there is at least 1 piece of furniture you can check. None of the drawers or bureaus give you anything.


  7. Office:
    Along the Northern wall of the main hall appears to be an office. As of yet, there is no actual access to this room and attempting to enter it causes the Guild members to watch you.


  8. Dodgey Derek's Dirty Deals:
    After completion of Lost Her Marbles, the Guild expanded to include a room on the Western side of the Guild. In this room you will find Dodgy Derek. He sells various thieving goodies to those willing to pay the price. Once you complete A Guild of Our Own, he will also run a reward shop where you can spend your Pilfer Points.


  9. Bank:
    The final room accessed is where Mr Pinsworth runs the bank. It opens after completion of A Guild of Our Own.


The Capers

In order to access all the areas of the guild, you will need to complete 3 capers. Each one will unlock a new section of the guild. Below you will find guides on how to complete each one of these capers.

Caper 1: From Tiny Acorns

Quest Requirements:
Buyers and Cellars

Skill Requirements:
24 Thieving

1,000 Thieving Experience

  1. Speak with Darren Lightfinger to learn that he is looking into expanding the guild and thus he has purchased an expensive toy dragon made completely from rubies. The Plan is for you to steal it from Urist and demand his money back as the item cannot be delivered on time.


  2. Make your way to Varrock and talk to Urist. He will inform you that the commission is almost complete and is currently sitting on his stall.


  3. Walk slightly West and speak with the Market Guard near the fountain. Through some conversation, he will tell you that Urist values the talisman he keeps in his back pocket.


  4. Return to Urist, right click him, and choose pickpocket. Doing so, you will obtain Urist's talisman. Step several paces North of him and drop the item. Speak to Urist and he will go over to look at the talisman and complain.


  5. Quickly go to the Guard and distract him by accusing Gypsy Aris' sign of giving him the evil eye. Once he's distracted, go and steal the dragon from the stall.


  6. Soon Urist will return to his normal position, you can then talk to him to get a refund since he cannot find the dragon and cannot complete a new one on time. With the Toy baby dragon and a Banker's note in hand, return to the Guild and speak with Darren Lightfinger to give him both items. Your screen will black out and you will appear at the trap door - Mission complete.

    Caper One Complete

Caper 2: Lost Her Marbles

Quest Requirements:
Buyers and Cellars
Caper 1: From Tiny Acorns

Skill Requirements:
41 Thieving

9,800 Total Thieving Experience, 255 Maple logs, 126 Teak logs, 45 Law runes, 55 Nature runes, 37 Raw lobsters, 19 Raw swordfish, 36 Gold ore, 46 Coal, and better loot from pickpocketing NPC's up to level 40.

  1. Speak to Darren Lightfinger again. He will ask you to be on the lookout for valuable Flame fragments. These can be found while picking pockets around Gielinor.


  2. Exit the guild and start finding people to pickpocket. Each type of person will only have a maximum of 6 shards. Thus you will only need to pickpocket 6 of the different types of people. The best way to get all shards is to collect them from the people around the Draynor and Lumbridge area, then make your way to Ardounge to get the last few.
    Whom to Pickpocket Location Map
    Cave goblin Within Dorgesh-Kaan and the surrounding caves. Cave Goblins
    Citizens (Man, Woman) In the center part of Lumbridge, walking around the Castle. Citizens
    Farmers Near the windmill on the Northern road between Lumbridge and Draynor Village. Farmers
    Guards In the heart of the East Ardougne market. Guards
    H.A.M. Members (Man, Woman) In the H.A.M. Hideout, inside the Old mine entrance next to the Cow field over the bridge North East of the Furnace. H.A.M. Members
    Master Farmers Within the Draynor village market. Master Farmers
    Rogues In the North-Eastern most part of the Wilderness, at the Rogues Castle. This is right next to the Chaos Elemental and in a VERY dangerous part of the Wilderness. It is highly recommended to avoid this location and focus on getting them from the other types of people. Rogues
    Warriors North-West of East Ardougne, just to the West of the Fishing Guild. Warriors
  3. Once you have 32 Flame fragments, head back to Darren Lightfinger to claim your reward. For each group of fragments you trade in, you will get 1,200 thieving experience and a share of the guild's loot. You will need to collect your share of the loot from Chief Thief Robin before you are able to trade in any more fragments. Once you have given him all he has asked for, your screen will black out and you will appear at the trap door - Mission complete.

    Caper Two

Caper 3: A Guild of Our Own

Quest Requirements:
The Feud
Buyers and Cellars
Caper 1: From Tiny Acorns
Caper 2: Lost Her Marbles

Skill Requirements:
62 Thieving
40 Agility
46 Herblore

Required Items:
Any Blackjack (except a Rubber blackjack), Lockpick, Clean irit, Vial of water, and Chopped onion.

30,000 Thieving Experience, 4,000 Herblore Experience, and Ability to make Vials of stench.

  1. Speak to Darren Lightfinger once more. This time his plan is to make the Guild official. Unfortunately, the guild expansion has left the coffers a smidge empty, but Darren has a plan. You will need to infiltrate the Registry, steal the contents of their vault and use that money to pay for the Thieves' Guild registration fee. He also suggests speaking with Chief Thief Robin for help with a disguise.


  2. Speak to Robin about this caper and he will tell you that he knows of a potion that will cause the Registrar's eyes to water when nearby, thus creating a disguise for you. To create this potion you will need to use Clean irit on a Vial of water and add Chopped onion. You will then need to give the potion to Robin so he can activate it.

    Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouble

  3. With your Vial of stench, any Blackjack (excluding Rubber blackjack), and a Lockpick, travel to East Ardougne. The Guild Registry can be found South-East of the Market. Go inside and talk to the Registrar; be sure to ask her about the clicking. She'll tell you that it's a clock that she can wind the time on with her key. Steal the Cuckoo clock key from her and go to the clock.


  4. These next few actions will need to be done rapidly...
    1. Wind the clock (yellow)
    2. Once the Registrar is in the room, Lure the guard
    3. Stand behind the guard and knock him out
    4. Steal the Lever key from him
    5. Walk to the lever (blue) and pull it
    6. This will cause the trapdoor in the South West corner (red) to open, climb down the ladder into the vault
    If you fail, you will be asked to leave the office. Your screen will blacken and you will appear back outside, simply step back in and try again.

    Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

  5. You will now find yourself in the vault, but it seems that the Registrar and the guard are aware that you are there so they will lock you in. Pick the lock on the vault door then check the chest for traps (you will need to Right-click for both of these options). Failing to check the chest will spring the trap and injure you. Upon successfully opening the chest, you will obtain the bonds you came for. Investigate the single box beneath the vent to find the alternate exit.


  6. Go to the nearby bank and store your Vial of stench then return to the Guild Registry. You will tell her that you have the Guild's dues and she will insist she has "one of your members trapped in the vault". After asking what the culprit looks like, she will admit she is not entirely sure and agree that it could just be a freelance thief before accepting the Guild's dues. She will make note of it then say that they have a thief to chastise and you will quickly excuse yourself.


  7. Return to Darren in the newly official Thieves' Guild and tell him that the caper has been completed. He will prepare to give a speech, but you will choose to leave before he can begin. Your screen will black out and you will appear at the trap door - Mission complete.

    Caper Three

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