Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Through the portal on the roof (4th floor) of the Wizards' Tower.
Quests Available in the Guild:
  1. Portal:
    The fastest way to get to the guild is to use a Runecrafting guild teleport tablet or the Wicked hood to teleport directly to the portal. You could also use the Draynor village home teleport and walk to the Wizards' Tower or use the Fairy ring (code: "D I S"). To enter the Runecrafting Guild, you must enter the portal, which is found on the roof of the Wizards' Tower.


  2. Rune-Altar Map:
    In the center of the room, you will find a rune-altar world map which displays the location of the rune-altar depending on its corresponding talisman. Below is an image of what the map looks like when an Omni talisman is used with it.

    Rune-Altar Map

  3. Wizard Elriss:
    Wizard Elriss will give you items which are redeemed from your Runecrafting Guild tokens. If you are not a member, then you will not be able to redeem your Runecrafting Guild tokens for teleport tablets or talismans which are affiliated with member's-only runecrafting altars. For more information regarding the Runecrafting Guild tokens and rewards, please refer to The Great Orb Project minigame guide.

    Wizard Elriss

  4. Wizard Acantha:
    Wizard Acantha is the leader of the Green Team in The Great Orb Project minigame.

    Wizard Acantha

  5. Wizard Vief:
    Wizard Vief is the leader of the Yellow Team in The Great Orb Project minigame.

    Wizard Vief

  6. Wizard Korvak:
    Wizard Korvak replaces lost medium abyssal pouches, free of charge. He will also repair and sell you large and giant pouches. Below is a list of the prices which he charges for repairing and selling pouches.

    • Large pouch: 9K gp (repaired) - 25K gp (new)
    • Giant pouch: 12K gp (repaired) - 50K gp (new)
    Wizard Korvak

  7. Larriar:
    Larriar is the master of Runecrafting. She will sell you a Runecrafting cape for 99,000gp if you've achieved level 99 Runecrafting.


  8. Wizard Godberg and the Rune Goldberg Machine:
    Wizard Goldberg is the inventor of the Rune Goldberg machine found next to him. This machine is able to combine runes into a special substance known as Vis wax and can be used to make 100 of this wax each day during the Rune Goldberg Machine Distraction and Diversion.

    Rune Goldberg Machine

Omni-Talisman (Member's Only):

Omni Talisman

The omni talisman is created by Wizard Elriss. This talisman grants you access to every altar with ease. If you show give her one of each talisman/tiara/runecrafting staff (inclusive of the air, mind, water, earth, fire, body, cosmic, chaos, nature, law, death, and blood talismans), you will obtain an omni-talisman. In addition to obtaining the talisman, you will also gain 13,605 Runecrafting experience.

Omni-Tiara and Talisman Staff (Member's Only):

Omni Tiara and Staff

In order to obtain these items, you must obtain an omni-talisman from Wizard Elriss. After you have obtained an omni-talisman, give Wizard Korvak either a runecrafting staff or a tiara in order to retrieve an omni-talisman staff or an omni-tiara in return, respectively.

The Great Orb Project:

The Great Orb Project is a minigame which is accessible in the RuneCrafting Guild. This minigame is safe as you can not die. The objective of this minigame is to attempt to take as many orbs to the altar as possible. You play on teams, which makes this game more exciting. As a reward, you will obtain essence during the game, as well as Runecrafting guild tokens.

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