Skill Levels Required:
31 Prayer.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Edgeville Monastery, West of Edgeville.
Quests Available in the Guild:
Guild Map:
Monastery Map
  1. Garden:
    At the North side of the Edgeville Monastery you'll find Brother Althric in his garden with roses and cabbages. The cabbages can be picked like any other, however they won't actually disappear, instead after having obtained 12 pieces a message will be shown saying you have to wait before being able to pick another (running to the Edgeville bank and back is enough time for them to 'respawn'). In the garden you will also find Sir Owen, who you can talk with to start The Death of Chivalry quest.


  2. First Floor:
    In the South East corner you'll find Abbot Langley, who can heal a small amount of Life Points if you're injured.


  3. Second Floor:
    If you have 31 Prayer, then you can climb up the ladder next to Abbot Langley to access the guild itself.

    Second Floor

  4. Eastern Room:
    On the East side of the guild you'll find a table with a Monk's robe (top), and a Monk's robe (bottom) bottom on it. These items provide a +11 Prayer bonus when worn. These is also a Kharid Scorpion in this room which is used in the Scorpion Catcher quest.

    East Room

  5. Western Room:
    On the West side of the guild you'll find Brother Jered. He can heal you, bless Unblessed symbols to turn them into Holy symbols and bless Spirit shields for 1,000,000gp. He also sells the Prayer cape for 99,000gp to those that have achieved level 99 Prayer.

    Brother Jered

  6. Northern Room:
    At the North side of the guild you'll find an altar. You can use this to restore your Prayer points, including an extra 20 points over your normal maximum e.g. at level 99 Prayer you'll have 1010 points.


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