Skill Levels Required:
60 Mining (59 with a Dwarven stout or 58 with a Dwarven stout (m)).
Falador, South of the eastern bank.
Guild Map:

Mining Guild Map

  1. Main Entrance:
    You can teleport directly to the entrance of the Mining Guild using a Skills necklace. At the entrance to the guild you'll find the Mining Master, who will sell you the Mining cape for 99,000gp when you've achieved level 99 Mining. To access the guild itself, climb down one of the ladders.

    Mining Guild Entrance

  2. Available rocks:
    8 Coal rocks
    6 Runite rocks
    5 Orichalcite rocks
  3. Dwarven Mines Entrance/Exit:
    The guild can also be accessed via the door found in the southeast corner of Dwarven Mines. Likewise, the Dwarven Mines can be accessed from the guild this way.

    Dwarven Mine Door

  4. Resource Dungeon:
    If you have 45 Dungeoneering, you can enter the resource dungeon found next to the entrance/exit ladders. This dungeon contains 5 Luminite rocks and 4 Drakolith rocks.

    Resource Dungeon

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