Skill Levels Required:
At least one level 99 to enter the garden and level 99 in all skills to enter the tower.
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Southeast corner of the Cadarn Sector in Prifddinas. A Max cape or Completionist cape can teleport you directly to the garden.
Quests Available in the Guild:
Guild Map:
Max Guild Map
  1. Garden Entrance:
    The entrance to the Max Guild Garden is found in the southeast corner of the Cadarn Sector in Prifddinas and requires the player to have obtained at least one level 99 skill to enter.

    Garden Entrance

  2. Skill Portals:
    These two Skill portals can be tuned to a number of high-level skilling areas, allowing you to teleport to them at will. However, 15 99s are required to tune the second and if you wish to re-tune a portal, then you must pay a price which starts at 100,000 and drops 10,000gp with every 5 99s you've obtained to a minimum of 50,000gp with 25 99s. The locations you can attune the portals to are:

    If you do not yet possess a Max cape, then Elen Anterth can be found in front of the portals and will sell you the cape once you've maxed before teleporting into the tower.

    Skill Portals

  3. Golden Statue Plinth:
    Each time you rebuild the Statue of Rhiannon in the Tower of Voices using Golden rocks obtained through the Shattered Heart Distraction and Diversion, you will add a replica piece to this plinth. Completing this replica statue requires you to complete the statue in the Tower of Voices 32 times.

    Statue Plinth

  4. Skill Banners:
    On either side of the steps up to the tower you'll see a banner for each skill that can be unfurled when you have obtained level 99 in the corresponding skill. There is also a banner for completing all quests above the two Skill portals which will furl itself back up when a new quest is released.

    Statue Plinth

  5. Tower Entrance:
    The entrance to the Max Guild Tower is found at the top of the steps at the end of the garden and can only be used by players who have obtained level 99 in all skills.

    Statue Plinth

  6. Bank and Grand Exchange Desk:
    Opposite the entrance you'll find the Max Guild's own Bank and Grand Exchange desk.

    Bank and GE Desk

  7. Challenge Mistress Heriau:
    Next to the entrance you'll find Challenge Mitress Heriau who can be used an as alternative to Challenge Mistress Fara in Burthorpe for turning in your Daily Challenges and toggling max challenges on or off. She will also give you a Crystal acorn upon first entering the guild.

    Challenge Mistress Heriau

  8. Throne of Fame:
    In the middle of the upper level you'll find the Throne of Fame which can be sat on by players who have earned the right to wear a Completionist cape.

    Thrown of Fame

  9. Eternal Bonfire:
    On the southwest balcony you'll find an Eternal bonfire and Bank chest.

    Eternal Bonfire

  10. Combat Portal:
    Finally, on the southeast balcony you'll find the Combat portal and Elen Anterth who now sells every skillcape for 99,000gp in addition to the Max cape. The Combat portal next to her can be tuned to teleport you to these high-level monsters:

    This is free the first time, but re-tuning the portal will cost 100,000gp each time.

    Combat Portal

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