Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Northeast of East Ardougne.
Ariane, Fionella, Linza, Ozan, Radimus Erkle, Siegfried Erkle, Sir Owen, The Raptor, and Xenia.
Quests Available in the Guild:
  1. The Legends Guild is situated North-East of Ardougne and can be found by just following the path east out of Ardougne - simple! If you rather want to arrive through the use of a Fairy Ring there's one a little bit East of the guild. Code: B L R.
    Upon arrival you'll see the guild is heavily guarded by 2 guards. They will salute you as soon as you open the gate.


  2. You will find Radimus Erkle in the small house right before you reach the main building. Here, as you may know, is the starting point of Legends Quest.


  3. Enter through the front doors of the guild and you'll see Sir Radimus Erkle (amazingly fast man, isn't he) and the totem pole being displayed in the center. The totem pole charges any Combat bracelet with four teleportations if you Use it on the pole. You can also use the Skills necklace with the pole to recharge it.

    Totem pole

  4. As you can see there are 2 sets of stairs. We'll go up the east ones first.
    On the second floor is Fionella, the runner of the General Store. There are also two ladders by the South wall, one leading up to the bank and the other to Siegfried Erkle.


    General store

  5. Up the East ladder is a bank with 4 bankers standing there just waiting for your service. The view may not be that amazing looking at this picture, but just wait until you get here yourself!


  6. Go up the West ladder, you can get another great view here also, but better than that, you can see Siegfried Erkle and view the items he has for sale.


    Siegfried's store

  7. Go back down to the ground floor and go down the other flight of stairs. This will bring you to the Underground part of the guild. Giant bats (level 27), Pit scorpions (level 28), and Shadow warriors (level 48) wander about in this dungeon.


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