Skill Levels Required:
The Farming Guild is located within the Player-Owned Farm area, just North of Ardougne. The best methods of arriving here are via the Lodestone network or with the Ardougne cloak (2, 3, or 4). Note that Ardougne cloaks 2 and 3 can only teleport you there once per day, however, Ardougne cloak 4 has unlimited teleports.
Guild Map:
  1. Farming Patches:
    While some of these Farming patches existed before the addition of the Farming Guild, their proximity to the new ones qualifies them as part of the guild. Close to the majority of the patches is Kragen, a Tool Leprechaun, and a Compost bin.

    1. Spirit Tree:
      The Northern most Farming patch is for planting Spirit seeds. Note that in order to plant one here, you need 114 Farming (boostable) and must be at least an Apprentice Farmer (4,000 Farming Reputation).

      Spirit Tree

    2. Allotment:
      These are one of the patch types that were available in this location prior to the addition of the Farming Guild. Here you can plant the following seeds, depending upon your level:
      Potato seed* Onion seed* Cabbage seed* Tomato seed*
      Sweetcorn seed* Strawberry seed* Watermelon seed* Snape grass seed
      Sunchoke seed Fly trap seed
      *Remember that Megavegetation can be collected from these plants if you have consumed a Harvest potion prior to harvesting.


    3. Flower:
      Here is another one of the patch types that were available in this location prior to the addition of the Farming Guild. Here you can plant the following seeds, depending upon your level:
      Marigold seed Rosemary seed Nasturtium seed Woad seed
      Limpwurt seed White lily seed Butterfly flower seed
      This patch is great for growing Flowers to use on the Beehives nearby.


    4. Herb:
      This is the last of the patch types that were available in this location prior to the addition of the Farming Guild. Here you can plant the following seeds, depending upon your level:
      Guam seed Marrentill seed Tarromin seed Harralander seed
      Ranarr seed Spirit weed seed Toadflax seed Irit seed
      Wergali seed Avantoe seed Kwuarm seed Snapdragon seed
      Cadantine seed Lantadyme seed Arbuck seed Dwarf weed seed
      Torstol seed Fellstalk seed


    5. Bloodwood:
      The Northern most Farming patch next to the Manor House is for a Bloodwood tree. Unlike other patches, this tree is not grown by yourself. When you have become a Master Farmer (225,000 Farming Reputation), Mami Rimba will appear next to this patch. After speaking with her, she will disappear and leave a fully grown Bloodwood tree in her wake.

      Bloodwood Tree

    6. Money Tree:
      The Southern most Farming patch is for planting Money tree seeds. Note that in order to plant one here, you need 119 Farming.

      Money Tree

  2. Manor House:
    With the addition of the Farming Guild, access to the 2nd floor of the Manor House was attained. Despite the new access, this update only added 2 (or 3, depending on how you count it) features to the building.
    • Ranch Out of Time Teleport:
      On the East side of the Manor House, on the 2nd floor, you will find a Mystical tree growing. By interacting with this tree, you can teleport to the Ranch Out of Time.

      Manor House, Teleport

    • Remote Farm Device:
      On both the ground and 2nd floor of the Manor Farm you have access to the Remote Farm Device. Building this Invention machine requires having unlocked the Remote Farm Spell via Livid Farm as well as you being a Competent Farmer (25,000 Farming Reputation). In addition to the requirements, you will need the following to create the machine: 50 Living components, 2,000 Astral runes, 2,000 Earth runes, and 3,000 Nature runes.

      Unlocking and creating this machine will grant you the ability to cure all of your diseased patches directly from the interface when the machine is interacted with. Note that, like the spell, the interface will not provide you with live updates. The interface must be closed and reopened to refresh the list.

      Manor House, Remote Farm Device

  3. Requesters:
    South of the Manor House are 3 NPCs. These folks each want several items and are asking the Farming Guild members for them.

    Requester location

    To discover what they want, you can check 2 ways. First, you can speak with any one of them to learn what that specific NPC desires. Alternatively, you can click the "Farming Requests" button, found on the mini Farming Reputation interface seen below, to open the Request interface and see what each person requests as well as the remaining amount of time before they disappear. Click the image below to see the Farming Requests interface.

    Request Button

    There are 3 different tiers of requesting NPC that you will encounter. Each tier has a specific amount of time before it resets/spawns a new NPC, amount of Farming Reputation awarded, number of Brassica primer you can obtain, and the type of items that you must give them. See the table below for the breakdown.
    Tier Reset Time Reputation Brassica Primer Items
    Easy Daily 2,750 1 in 5 chance per
    completed request
    General farm animal
    Medium 3 days 5,500 1 per completed request Seeds
    Specific breed farm animal
    Farming produce
    Hard Weekly 13,750 3 per completed request Seeds
    Specific breed and trait farm animal
    Farming produce
    Note that you can turn in both checked and unchecked animals, however, unchecked animals cannot be noted when turned in. Also be aware that each Requester will only ask for 1 group of items from each column in the tables below. Some Requesters may have a variety of different things they will ask for: Rind the gardener, for example, has 3 different types of seeds and 4 different animals that may be asked for.

    The tables below are a work in progress. If you encounter any requests that are not currently listed, please reply here (including a screenshot is recommended for ease). Thank you!

    Easy Requesters
    NPC Turn In Items Reward
    Seeds Animal
    Amaethwr - 95 Sweetcorn seed
    - 137 Potato seed
    - 25 Cadavaberry seed
    - Sheep
    - Spider
    - Chinchompa
    - Frog
    - Cow
    - 20 Grenwall spikes
    Apprentice Clara - 86 Cabbage seed
    - 28 Asgarnian seed
    - 20 Marigold seed
    - Chicken
    - Cow
    - Frog
    - Sheep
    - Rabbit
    - 250 Air rune
    Farmer Fromund - 17 Acorn
    - 104 Onion seed
    - 15 Tarromin seed
    - Chinchompa
    - Frog
    - Spider
    - Sheep
    - Farming reputation boon (small)
    Goob - 9 Willow seed
    - 13 Harralander seed
    - 86 Cabbage seed
    - Frog
    - Cow
    - Rabbit
    - Chicken
    - Farming reputation boon (medium)
    Kenton Decarte - 45 Redberry seed
    - 32 Apple tree seed
    - 86 Tomato seed
    - 1 Gout tuber
    - Sheep
    - Chicken
    - Cow
    - Rabbit
    - Frog
    - 15,000 Shattered anima
    Mordaut Jr. - 104 Onion seed
    - 34 Strawberry seed
    - Rabbit
    - Frog
    - Spider
    - 3 Black dragonhide
    My Arm - 86 Tomato seed
    - 47 Jute seed
    - 12 Rosemary seed
    - 36 Guam seed
    - Rabbit
    - Spider
    - Chinchompa
    - Cow
    - Sheep
    - Farming reputation boon (medium)
    Professor Imblewyn - 95 Sweetcorn seed
    - 33 Nasturtium seed
    - 137 Potato seed
    - Frog
    - Spider
    - Rabbit
    - Chicken
    - Chinchompa
    - 50 Cosmic runes
    Rind the gardener - 40 Hammerstone seed
    - 34 Strawberry seed
    - 16 Woad seed
    - 14 Krandorian seed
    - Chinchompa
    - Frog
    - Cow
    - Sheep
    - Spider
    - Chicken
    - Rabbit
    - 10 Luminite stone spirit
    Tool Leprechaun - 13 Wildblood seed
    - 22 Limpwurt seed
    - Spider
    - Rabbit
    - Sheep
    - Frog
    - Farming reputation boon (small)
    TzHaar-Hur-Zuh - 24 Yanillian seed
    - 33 Nasturtium seed
    - 25 Cadavaberry seed
    - 16 Marrentill seed
    - Cow
    - Rabbit
    - Chinchompa
    - Frog
    - 15,000 Tokkul
    Ulifed - 32 Apple tree seed
    - 86 Tomato seed
    - 12 Rosemary seed
    - Cow
    - Spider
    - Chicken
    - Chinchompa
    - Frog
    - 5 Ring of forging

    Medium Requesters
    NPC Turn In Items Reward
    Seeds Animal Produce
    Betty - 8 Evil turnip seed
    - 12 Kwuarm seed
    - 46 Morchella mushroom spore
    - 30 Lantadyme seed
    - 3 Magic seed
    - Spider (Giant or Night)
    - Cow (Kandarin, Bull, Cholocate, Vanilla)
    - Chinchompa (Carnivorous, Grey, Viridian)
    - 1 Maple roots
    - 23 Limpwurt root
    - 8 Raw potato
    - 3 Jangerberries

    - 15 Supercompost
    - 250 Fire rune
    Gorajo hoardstalker - 9 Willow seed - Cow (Bull or Kandarin) - 3 Orange - 500 Dungeoneering tokens
    Goth leprechaun - 3 Papaya tree seed
    - 34 Strawberry seed
    - 3 Magic seed
    - Yak (Fremennik or Spirit)
    - Chinchompa (Viridian, Azure, Grey)
    - Zygomite (Gloomshroom or Zanarian)
    - 23 Limpwurt root
    - 1 Maple roots
    - 14 Strawberry
    - 15 Supercompost
    Ifaba - 24 Whiteberry seed
    - 68 Dwellberry seed
    - Cow (Chocolate or Vanilla)
    - Zygomite (Arcspore or Daemoncap)
    - 1 Maple roots
    - 1 Oak roots
    - Banana (possible override version vs food)
    Karl - 23 Banana tree seed
    - 4 Spirit weed seed
    - Spider (Corpse, Spirit, or Fever) - 1 Dwellberries
    - 14 Strawberry
    - 20 Rune bar
    Pauline Polaris - 11 Curry tree seed
    - 9 Willow seed
    - 29 Calquat tree seed
    - Chinchompa (Cobalt, Crystal, Viridian)
    - Yak (Fremennik or Spirit)
    - Spider (Spirit or Giant)
    - 10 Tomato
    - 1 Oak roots
    - 1 Livid Plant
    Reinald - 30 Lantadyme seed
    - 95 Sweetcorn seed
    - 3 Magic seed
    - 2 Wergali seed
    - Cow (Strawberry or Kandarin)
    - Chinchompa (Azure, Carniverous, or Crimson)
    - Sheep (Fallfaced, Winterwold, or White)
    - Spider (Night or Corpse)
    - 1 Hammerstone hops
    1 Dwellberries
    - 1 Jute fibre
    - 1 Nasturtiums
    - 10 Light animica stone spirit
    Rhazien - 3 Magic seed - Zygomite (Zanarian or Daemoncap) - 10 Banana - Rock-shell armour piece
    - Skeletal armour piece
    - Spined armor piece
    TzHaar-Mej-Jal - 13 Wildblood seed - Cow (Chocolate or Vanilla) - 1 Barley - 15 Obsidian charm
    Void Knight - 10 Belladonna seed
    - 16 Cactus seed
    - 27 Toadflax seed
    - 95 Sweetcorn seed
    - Yak (Fremennik or Spirit)
    - Zygomite (Zanarian or Daemoncap)
    - Cow (Strawberry, Vanilla, or Bull)
    - Spider (Fever or Corpse)
    - 1 Yanillian hops
    - 1 Willow roots
    - 1 Bittercap mushroom
    - 15 Ravager charms
    - 15 Shifter charms
    - 15 Spinner charms
    - 15 Torcher charms
    Zahra - 9 Willow seed
    - 24 Watermelon seed
    - 12 Kwuarm seed
    - 95 Sweetcorn seed
    - 10 Cadantine seed
    - Zygomite (Gloomshroom or Daemoncap)
    - Cow (Strawberry or Bull)
    - Sheep (White, Winterwold, or Springsheared
    - 23 Cabbage
    - 3 Orange
    - 5 Onion
    - 1 Cadava berries
    - Menaphite gift offering (medium)

    Hard Requesters
    NPC Turn In Items Reward
    Seeds Animal + Trait Produce
    Askel - 26 Cactus seed
    - 5 Magic seed
    - Spirit Yak (Stressed, Sparkling, Constipated, ot Freak of Nature)
    - Blue or Red Dragon (Jovial, Slowpoke, Old at Heart, or Joyful)
    - 1 Goutweed
    - 34 Watermelon
    - 10 Elder rune bar
    Aubury - 3222 Sunchoke seed - Gloomshroom zygomite (Nice but Dim, Hyperactive, Chatty, Slowpoke) - 1 Yew roots - 100 Nature rune
    Bentamir - 3 Palm tree seed
    - 5 Magic seed
    - Night Spider (Radiant, Freak of Nature, Old at Heart, or Butterface)
    - Gloomshroom (Freak of Nature, Smelly, Sparkling, Slowpoke)
    - 11 Morchella mushroom
    - 1 Yew roots
    - 25 Dark animica stone spirit
    Harpoon - 16 Cadantine seed
    - 26 Cactus seed
    - Spirit yak (Insanity, Fusst Eater, Stingy, or Genetic Instability)
    - Red or Black Dragon (Nice but Dim, Perfecred, Sparkling, Lucky)
    - 1 Goutweed
    - 10 Papaya fruit
    - 5 Great white shark bait
    Lanthus - 20 Kwuarm seed
    - 16 Cadantine seed
    - Royal or Green dragon (Genetic Mutation, Plain, Jovial, or Constipated)
    - Daemoncap zygomite (Nice but Dim, Giver, Exalted, or Fussy Eater)
    - 11 Morchella mushroom
    - 12 Whiteberry seed
    - 2 Castle wars ticket (gold)
    Mami Rimba - 4 Yew seed
    - 20 Kwuarm seed
    - Night Spider (Handsome, Hyperactive, Big Boned, or Taker)
    - Fremennik yak (Curvy, Immune, Genius, Young at Heart)
    - 2 Cadava berries
    - 1 Dwellberries
    - 25 Diamond through Hydrix bakriminel bolts
    Sensei Hakase - 4 Butterfly flower seed - Fremennik Yak (Sullen, Fussy Eater, Plain, Stressed) - 34 Watermelon - 3 Taijitu
    Sorebones - 3222 Sunchoke seed - Grey chinchompa (Insane, Golden Gift, Sickly, Producer) - 1 Dwellberries - 2 The Stuff
    Strange Old Man - 4 Butterfly flower seed - Fremennik Yak (Limited Efficiency, Goof, Regular, Golden Gift) - 1 Maple roots - 1 Torag's helm
    Zaida - 4 Yew seed - Demoncap Zygomite (Smelly, Robust, Virile, or Immune) - 5 Calquat fruit - 1 Sealed clue scroll (elite)

    Upon completion of a request, you will receive:
    • Farming Reputation (based upon tier)
    • Brassica primer (based upon tier)
    • Item (based upon Requester - See tables above)

    1. Farming Reputation:
      The Farming Guild has a reputation system wherein you gain ranks to unlock certain perks for the Farming skill. Farming reputation is basically gained for performing various Farming activities. Certain actions will earn you reputation for fewer experience points than others (See table below). It is even possible to obtain Reputation by opening Farming reputation boons. Small will grant 1,000 reputation, Medium will grant 5,000 reputation, and Large is currently unknown (please make a submission here if you know).

      Your current Reputation can be found 2 separate ways. While at the Manor Farm, you will notice an interface with a blue bar, your rank, and a button to open the Requests (seen below). Hovering over the filling bar will show you how much reputation you have and how much you need for the next level. Clicking the Farming icon within this window will open an interface which shows your total progress and what awaits you at future ranks. Click the image below to see the Reputation Progress interface.

      Request Button

      0.1 Reputation per
      1 experience gained 2 experience gained 5 experience gained
      • Foraging Mushroom clusters in the Arc (Named and unnamed islands)
      Keep in mind that completion of Requests will also award Reputation: Easy 2,750 - Medium 5,500 - Hard 13,750.

      Below you will find a list of actions that WILL NOT grant you Reputation regarldess of receiving experience
      Compost – making and using/casting Curing disease – plant and animal Farming in Daemonheim
      Harvesting Delicious seaweed (Giant Oyster) Lamps and XP gaining methods beyond Farming actions Mucking out pens
      Planting/harvesting berries on Tuai Leit Planting/harvesting Crystal tree in Prifddinas Planting/harvesting Money tree
      Raking Weeds from patches Seedicide usage

    2. Boosts:
      Luckily, there are several different modifiers that can help you increase the amount of Reputation gained. Modifiers include:
      Modifier Boost Notes
      Brassica primer +10% experience gained from checking health and harvesting patches Lasts 15 minutes
      Pavosarus Rex perk (tier 1) Guild reputation gains increased 5% Must have at least 1 Elder Pavosaurus Rex within a Large pen at the Ranch Out of Time
      Pavosarus Rex perk (tier 2) Guild reputation gains increased 10% Must have at least 1 Elder Pavosaurus Rex within each Large pen at the Ranch Out of Time
      Voice of Seren: Crwys 20% more base Farming XP from planting, checking, and harvesting from the bush, herb and elder tree patches. Crops in the district also have a chance of skipping growth stages. Only works in the Crwys district when that VoS is active
      Voice of Seren: Meilyr 20% more base Farming XP from planting and checking the fruit tree patch, and from checking the harmony pillars. Trees planted in the district will have a chance of skipping growth stages. Only works in the Meilyr district when that VoS is active
      Voice of Seren: Trahaearn 20% more base Farming XP from planting and checking the tree patch, as well as a chance of the tree skipping growth stages. Only works in the Trahaearn district when that VoS is active
      Note that other boosts (Bonus experience, Double XP Weekend, Pulse core, and Skill Outfits) will not boost your Reputation gained despite boosting the amount of experience you get.

    3. Ranks & Rewards:
      As stated previously, there is a total of 2,500,000 Reputation that can be obtained. This is split in 7 different ranks which each provide various rewards to those whom have achieved the level.
      Rank Reputation Rewards Notes
      Beginner Farmer 0 N/A As this is the initial rank, there are no rewards
      Apprentice Farmer 4,000
      • Ability to plant a 4th spirit tree with level 114 Farming
      It is possible to boost to this level if necessary
      Practiced Farmer 10,000
      • Weekly farmers in need at the Farming Guild will now request your assistance
      • Limpwurt root yield is doubled
      Weekly farmers are the Hard tier requesters
      Competent Farmer 25,00 You must have unlocked the Remote Farm spell before the remote farm device reward can be activated
      Expert Farmer 75,000
      • Animals have less chance of becoming diseased
      • Buyers on farms will buy twice as many small animals
      Small buyers will purchase 24 animals instead of 12
      Master Farmer 225,000
      • A bloodwood tree can be grown on Manor Farm
      • Buyers on farms will buy twice as many medium animals
      Bloodwood tree is not actively planted/grown by you

      Medium buyers will purchase 16 animals instead of 8
      Senior Master Farmer 1,100,000
      • 5% increased chance of a shiny animal being born
      • Buyers on farms will buy twice as many large animals
      Large buyers will purchase 12 animals instead of 6
      Grandmaster Farmer 2,500,000
      • All animals sell for 10% more beans
      Though not listed in the Reputation unlocks interface, you will also acquire the "[Name] the Very Good Farmer" title

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