Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Northwest of Rimmington, southwest of Falador.
Quests Available in the Guild:
Guild Map:
Guild Map
  1. Entrance:
    You can teleport directly to the entrance of the Crafting Guild using a Skills necklace, or alternatively a Clan vexillum will teleport you to the Clan Camp just east it. If you have access to neither of these, then the Port Sarim lodestone is found southwest of the guild and is within fairly close walking distance.
    Guild Entrance
  2. First Floor:
    Upon entering the guild, you'll be in a large room containing everything you need to work with clay. To the south there is a sink you can use to make Soft clay, in the northeast corner there are Potter's wheels for moulding the clay into pottery, and the northwest corner has a Pottery oven for firing the pottery. You'll also see two tables which have a Hammer, Chisel, Bracelet mould and Amulet mould on them, although all of these items are found on your toolbelt.

    You can find the Master Crafter on this floor and he will sell you a Crafting cape for 99,000gp once you've achieved level 99 Crafting.
    First floor
  3. Mine:
    On the east side of the guild you'll find a small mine containing 6 Gold rocks, 4 Silver rocks and 6 Clay rocks. However, if you cannot access the deposit box (see below), the nearest bank to the guild is found in Falador and so it is recommended to use a combination of the Skills necklace and a Ring of duelling to travel quickly between the bank if you're a Member or Free-to-play players can use the Falador and Port Sarim lodestones.
    Guild mine
  4. Bank Deposit Box:
    Members who have completed the Hard Falador Tasks can use the deposit box found in the guild. This makes it possibly the best location outside of the Living Rock Caverns to mine gold.
    Deposit box
  5. Second Floor:
    Up the staircase you'll find the second floor of the guild. Here you can talk to the Tanner to have any Cow hides tanned. There is also a spinning wheel, which could be useful for spinning Wool from the sheep found north of the guild into Balls of wool, as well as two more tables and a barrel with Shears, a Necklace mould, Holy mould, Ring mould and Tiara mould on them, although again these items are all found on your toolbelt.
    Second Floor
  6. Cows:
    To the west and south of the guild, you'll find a fenced area filled with Cows and Cow Calves. This can be a useful location for collecting Cow hides, although there is a better location for this found north of Lumbridge if you just want to bank them without tanning.

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