Skill Levels Required:
Quests Required:
Items Needed:
Southwest of the Grand Exchange in Varrock.
Quests Available in the Guild:
Guild Map:
Cooks'Guild Map
  1. Entrance:
    You can teleport directly to the entrance of the Cooks' Guild using a Skills necklace. To enter the guild you'll need to be wearing either a Chef's hat or a Cooking cape. Alternatively, if you have completed the Varrock Hard Task Set then you can enter freely.


  2. First Floor:
    Upon entering the guild you'll find the Head Chef, who will sell you the Cooking cape for 99,000gp once you've achieved level 99 Cooking. You'll also find Romily Weaklax, who sells a selection of pies.

    First Floor

  3. Pie Shop:

    Pie Shop

  4. Bank:
    You'll also find a bank booth on the first floor, however this can only be accessed upon completion of the Varrock Hard Task Set. The bank room also contains the closest range to a bank available, making it the best location in the game to train Cooking.


  5. Second Floor:
    On the second floor you'll find a number of item spawns, a dairy churn and two ranges. The table to the north has a Cake tin and a Bowl respawn. The table to the south contains a respawn for two Cooking apples and a Pie dish.

    Second Floor

  6. Third Floor:
    On this floor you'll find the the hopper and the controls for the guild's windmill. There are also some more item respawns on the tables. The table to the south has a Jug and another Cooking apple, and the table to the east has Grapes and an Empty pot.

    Second Floor

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